The popular BC’s Beach Bar on Ambergris Caye in the town of San Pedro is the place to be on this tiny island off the coast of Belize. BC’s is an open-air bar covered by a palm frond roof and it conveniently sits right on the beach. Sounds like a typical beach bar right? Well if you’re from, I don’t know, a place like Kansas, no beach bar is typical. They are little pieces of perfect.

This Caribbean Beach Bar is located just south of the downtown area and adjacent to the Blue Water Grill restaurant. BC’s is where locals and tourists co-mingle and blend together like the shades of blue in the water. The bar is a simple wooden platform with a square bar in the middle, and a small kitchen off to the side. They serve beer, cocktails, and some light snacks. I’ve read that the burritos and nachos are the best on the island.  Sunday is the famous BBQ day.  BC’s breaks out the grills and serve up a BBQ feast with ribs, chicken, fish, sausages, and all the sides.


The fact that BC’s is right on the beach set the mood perfectly. Fact, it’s impossible to be in a crappy mood on the beach. Just thought I’d throw that in there. There are a few tables set out on the sand, so you can collect your thoughts and stare out over the sea. The ocean breezes wipe away the humidity and cools things down. The Belikin Beers are good for that too.  The ceiling is adorned with T-shirts and memorabilia from various universities and sports teams from all over the world, although most of them are in the United States.

Ambergris Caye Beach Bars

Fun on the Sand at BC's Beach Bar

The bartenders friendly, and very knowledgeable about drinks, from serving up the local Belikin Beers from Belize to mixing up your favorite rum drinks. Yes, I’ll take a rum punch and two Belikin Please, this Castaway is here to have a good time! I actually haven’t been to BC’s yet, but that’s what I would say.

BC’s actually made a appearance on our favorite traveling drinking show, Three Sheets. Watch Zane’s antics in Belize here.

BC's Beach Bar San Pedro

BC's Beach Bar - Photo from Brent_toombs via Flickr

If you find your self in San Pedro wondering around without a clue on what to do. Head to BC’s, it is the essence of beach living. Pull up a bar stool, pop the top on a Belikin and watch the world slowly pass. Then you will have found your little piece of perfect.

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