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Let’s pop the top off life for awhile, kick back with a cold libation and turn vacation into a permanent one. That’s what the founding members of Team Cocktail have done. Team Cocktail is a drinking company with a clothing problem and they have a style that’s right up a Castaways alley.

I first stumbled upon Team Cocktail on twitter many months ago and enjoyed their positive outlook on life and their love of cocktails and the islands. How can you not like someone like that right? As I got to know Team Cocktail better, I learned their story and how the idea for Team Cocktail came to be. It’s a good story and I’ll let them tell it.  Pour yourself your favorite island beverage and enjoy my interview with the fun and exciting Team Cocktail.

Team Cocktail Interview

1. Team Cocktail, with a name like that you have to have a interesting story. Educate us and how can I be a member!

Well every great story begins in the Caribbean, right? Like you Ryan, we have always had a love for the tropical lifestyle, even with our midwestern roots. So, to set the scene (2006)…think 28 friends on a cruise ship, 8 days, 7 islands and a boat load of liquid inspiration. With a group like this we needed a name, and after a few cocktails amongst friends, the obvious name was born, Team Cocktail! A few years later, sailing away from Barbados, on our annual Team Cocktail cruise, the Team Cocktail founders had an epiphany. Which was most likely induced by copious amounts of Banks beer & Mount Gay rum. Life is best enjoyed in t-shirts, shorts and flip flops…and with a drink in hand. So we set out to create a t-shirt, clothing & accessory company that would sell fun cocktail & beach inspired designs that all our friends would want to wear. And so here we are!

Now the important question…how do you become a member? It’s easy…anyone can be a member! Team Cocktail wants everyone to feel like they are a part of the team. We don’t care what you drink as long as you enjoy life, have fun and drink local. Oh…and of course we’d love for you to buy one of our awesome t-shirts to make it official!

2. What is your favorite rum cocktail?

Team Cocktail’s favorite rum cocktail has to be the Painkiller. It is a great mix of cream of coconut, pineapple juice, orange juice, and of course lots of premium dark rum. Top with grated nutmeg and you have one of the best drinks in the islands!

3. What makes the Team Cocktail gear so cool and different?

A lot of it has to do with quality. When visiting the islands we always liked buying the beachy/destination type t-shirts, but the problem was once you got home and washed them they shrank and become unwearable. So we decided to start making beach and cocktail inspired shirts with an emphasis on quality. Then from there we started adding other accessory items, such as koozies, hats, sweatshirts, etc… We also have boardshorts and Tervis Tumblers coming soon!

4. What is your favorite Caribbean island and why?

We would have to say Jost Van Dyke, BVI. With no large resorts, great locals, beautiful beaches, and lots of beach bars you couldn’t ask for much more in an island! Oh and did we mention the Painkillers?

5. Where can future Team Cocktail member go to get their hands on some gear?

Our gear can be purchased at We will also be at the following events:

Rum Renaissance Festival – April 30 & May 1st – Miami, FL
Beer Bourbon & BBQ Festival – June 17-18 – National Harbor, DC
Beer Bourbon & BBQ Festival – Cary, NC – August 5 – Cost
Pool/Magic Tradeshow – Las Vegas – August 22-24 – Cost
Surf Expo – Orlando, FL – September 8-10 – Cost

*Check our website for future event dates.

If you just want to come tailgate with us we’ll be at the Kenny Chesney, Going Coastal, concert stop at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City on July 30th! We’d love to party with our fellow Kenny & Team Cocktail fans & friends!

Team Cocktail Shirts

6. What are your best selling TC items?

Our slap koozies have been very, very popular along with all of our t-shirts, especially the “Where Happy Hour Never Ends,” both “Palm Tree” designs & the “Happy Hour” t-shirt.

7. What does the future hold for Team Cocktail?

We are going to continue to expand our product line and designs. We also plan to be sold in stores around the country and the Caribbean within the next few years! We want everyone to be able to find their favorite Team Cocktail designs in their local beach shop. Oh…and we are going to continue to travel, blog and drink lots of cocktails! Remember…Travel Global, Drink Local!

8. Last questions – If you were stranded on a beautiful tropical island in the middle of nowhere and you could only bring 3 things with you, what would they be?

That’s easy! Team Cocktail t-shirt, slap koozie, and rum!


They sound like a fun group to hang out with on a Caribbean cruise or a sunny beach don’t they? If you’d like to follow their blog you can do so at and while you’re there checkout their cool shirts. I have a couple and love them.


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