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When I first heard about the pairing between Kenny Chesney and Costa Del Mar sunglasses I thought it was the perfect marriage. Chesney spends a lot of his free time in the blue Caribbean waters and one needs some cool shades to block that neon glare. What better to do that then some cool Costa sunglasses.

I got my pair of Kenny Costas last week and couldn’t wait to take them out on the water. As a little background, I’m a cheap sunglasses kind of guy. I usually scuff, destroy, or mistakenly watch them sink to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, so no real need to get a nice pair. Polarized, what’s that? They don’t make a 12 dollar pair of polarized sunglasses so these Costas were quite the step up. Time to put on my man pants and actually take care of a nice pair.  The difference between the Costas and my run of the mill shades is night and day, especially when you’re out on the water, soaking up the warm Florida sun. The colors and water tones pop like you wouldn’t believe. Who knew our water looked like that!

I went with the Kenny Costa Rincons. The glasses have a cool interior that are uniquely Kenny. The Rincons have “Goin’ Coastal” printed on the inside, and baby, when I’m rockin’ these sunglasses I definitely feel like I’m doing just that.


The flip side of the Costas feature the iconic palm tree with guitar logo and Kenny’s printed autograph. Hard to get much cooler than that.

Kenny Costas

Kenny Costas

I first wrote about the Kenny Costas a couple weeks ago when they were first announced and showed you the super cool video that Kenny made to tell us fans about his limited addition line of shades. I love watching it and I think many of you Castaways do as well. We want to be kickin’ back in those island paradise playgrounds more than anything. And I guess having Kenny to hang out with wouldn’t be so bad either.  Here is the video encore.

If you want to get your pair of Kenny Costas and check out the other styles click this link. Kenny Costa Del Mar Sunglasses. They only did a limited run of this Kenny line so if you’re looking to get a pair don’t lollygag to long. They just might disappear with the out-going tide.

See you on the water!


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