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When you think of Bonaire, beach bars aren’t usually the first thing that come to mind. The southern Caribbean island is world renown for its under water world, known more for its diving and brightly colored coral reefs than its beach bars and frozen tropical libations. Spend a day at the Wind and Surf Beach Hut Bar and Grill and you may think otherwise though.

On the east coast of Bonaire is the Cai lagoon (“Lac Cai”). The southern side of this lagoon is the windsurf bay, better known as Sorobon, with crystal clear shallow waters. But there is more than just windsurfing at Sorobon. This is where the Wind and Surf Beach Hut Bar and Grill, or better known simply as the “Beach Hut”, serves its cold drinks to limin’ beach bums and water wind walkers alike. (Side note, isn’t “Sorobon” the coolest name ever? Just flat out fun to say.)

The Beach Hut Bonaire

The Beach Hut

The Beach Hut provides the perfect laid-back Caribbean atmosphere to enjoy a cool drink and a bite to eat while soaking up the intense sunshine. All the kite and wind surfing makes for great bar-side entertainment. Watching these athletes perform spectacular airborne tricks and enjoying the breathtaking panoramic views…life is good at the Beach Hut.

The Beach Hut Bonaire


The Beach Hut is run by Maarten and Chris… I’ve heard that they don’t only have the best burgers, their spare ribs are phenomenal as well. Chris is the former head chef from the Plaza Resort and for sure knows what he is doing in the kitchen. The Beach Hut presents an extensive and high quality menu consisting of Dutch and typical island/beach bar fare. Whether you choose a Spicy Chicken breast salad, a tasty creamy Shrimp Soup, a freshly made full Quarter-pound 100% beef burger or Bonaire’s very best Spare-ribs, you will be stuffed to the gills and any hunger pains will be satisfied. Save room for more boat drinks though!

Bonaire Beach Bar

The Beach Hut on Bonaire

If you’ve had the pleasure of spending any time at Bonaire’s Beach Hut please tell us about your experience. We would love to hear about it. Just one more Caribbean Beach Bar to add to the ever growing list right Castaways?

The Beach Hut Bonaire
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