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What do you do when you’ve reached the end of the world? Have a cold drink, of course. On the Bahamian island of North Bimini sits Alice Town, home of the new and improved, self proclaimed, end of the road. The legendary End of the World Bar.

When you get here, you may think you’re in the wrong place, it’s just a waterfront shack built of plywood with sand floors and graffiti everywhere. The bar had been closed for sometime and was just reopened on April 14th and hopes to capture it’s lost glory.

When I say graffiti, I mean hand written messages from the thousands of people that have stopped in for a Goombay Smash and told their tall tales about the one that got away. The old End of the World bar was also covered in women’s bras and panties. Trashy? I say perfect decor for a Caribbean dive bar.

Here is a photo of the bar before the reopening.


During the remodeling of the bar, every piece of signature covered wall that could be saved was, and then reused. All of the women’s under garment decorations have been removed, but they hope the tradition will continue and a new collection will start.

End of the World Bar Bimini Bahamas

More Artwork Being Added

The End of the World bar didn’t look like much back in the day, it hadbeen around for approximately 40 years and has had its share of celebrity guests including Hemingway. More recently, tight end for the New Orleans Saints, Jeremy Shockey decided to stop by for the bars reopening.

End of the World Bar Bimini

Jeremy Shockey Enjoying The End of the World

End of the World serves strong rum drinks and cold Kalik beer. Morning, noon and night, it’s a favorite hangout for Bahamians and knowledgeable tourists.

End of the World Bar Bimini Bahamas

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

I spoke with Sandra Fieger, who works at the End of the World and was part of the reopening. Sarah said, “We renovated, but saved as many of the signature walls as we could, expanded the kitchen, the bar, the seating capacity, extended the roof, repaired the deck, replaced all the electrical, plumbing, painted, and tarted her up for the debauchery to come.”

End of the World Bar

End of the World Bar, Bimini

If you find yourself, a Castaway on the island of Bimini, toss out your anchor at the End of the World. The beer will be cold, the atmosphere friendly and frivolous. Sand floor, underwear hanging from the ceiling, rum, Kalik, music, and good friend…everything you can ask for out of an unassuming Caribbean beach bar.

Bringing back the ambiance that was End of The World. Open now at the south end of North Bimini.

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If you have any stories of the old End of the World bar we would love to hear them.

Cheers Castaways,

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