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Do you want to get away, and just flat out escape all ties to the real world? I think I have just the place for you then. It’s an isolated paradise called Little Corn Island and it’s this week’s Photo Friday pick.

Little Corn sits about 45 miles off the coast of Nicaragua and is joined by its neighbor to the south, Big Corn Island. If you are looking for excitement and gusto, Little Corn Island is not the place for you. About the only thing to do on this tiny island is sit in a hammock with a good book and watch the sun move across the sky. The ebb and flow of the tides and the dancing palms are the only entertainment this island of 1,200 residents provides. If you ask me, that’s sounds beautifully perfect

I think this photo of Little Corn caught my eye because of the colors. Don’t you just love the bright colors of the Caribbean? Everything is electric. The blue water, the green hillsides, the color of the homes and buildings, everything just pops.

The tourism and hospitality industry haven’t sunk their teeth into Little Corn yet. You can still get a room for less than $10 a day in a family run hotel. I think we’ve all had drinks that cost more!

How do you get to Little Corn Island? In the words of Maverick, “It’s Top Secret, I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.” Wow, two Top Gun references in two days. Watch out Iceman!

(Photo by Globetrottergirls via Flickr)

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