If that headline didn’t grab you I don’t know what will. Poke with a sharp stick maybe.

Our tailgating friends over at Conch Republic Bikini posted their description of the shenanigans that transpired at the West Palm Beach Jimmy Buffett tailgating party. It’s hard not to have a good time when you’re hanging out with a bikini model, Jimmy is blaring on the radio and everyone you meet is a new best friend. Man I love Buffett concerts.

Follow this link to Conch Republic Bikini’s blog – Coastlines & Tan Lines to read the full story and watch the great video that captured the fun craziness. I think you will even see me playing the part of a highly professional light holding dude.

Parrot Head Paradise – Bikini Tail Gate

I know a lot of Parrotheads read this site, so let me know if you spot yourself in the video!



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