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Is it possible to put the experience or feeling of spending a day on Jost Van Dyke into a song? Impossible right? Nothing compares to swinging in a hammock with a Painkiller at the Soggy Dollar Bar or listening to Foxy strum his six string while drinking some Fire Water Rum at Foxy’s. These are incomparable, unequaling experiences.

What this song by Da Tree Men can do is help you relive those sweet sweet memories. The song appropriately named “Jost Van Dyke”, tells the tale of what it’s like to sing your toes into the sand on this famous little BVI island. Singing starts just after the minute mark, so hang in there with that long intro.

Da Tree men are a BVI-based band, started by Tree men who all currently work together for Pusser’s. The band has a growing list of cover music and original songs. Reggae, rock, country, jazz and more.

Adam Dell on guitar is from New York. Michael Daniels plays the tubs and hails from Knoxville Tennessee. Pier Parkins, the Jamaican gentleman from Jamaica on Bass.

Additional players include Steve Butcher on the couch, captain Bob on the mouth organ and other guests that show up at random and play. The group is in the process of recording an album called “Songs of The BVI”.

“Jost Van Dyke” written by Adam C. Dell and performed by Da Tree Men live at The Elm Beach bar, March 2nd, 2011.

Jost Van Dyke Lyrics

I got drunk
as a skunk last night
at a bar on jost van dyke
soggy dollar
got me good again

Played with Ruben Chinnery
you were sitting
next to me
felt the sun
and played
the ring toss game

and I’ve got to
get myself
back there again

Tropical paradise
so nice
brother man
take my advice
you have got to
get yourself
to jost van dyke

got a drink
to kill your pain
while the breezes cool your brain
soggy dollar bar now don’t forget the name

in this world of broken dreams
where things are not what they seem
take a trip out there
and you’ll see what I mean

take a plane
take a boat
maybe build a
raft and float
click your heels
three times
and just pretend
you’re there

White sand beach
from a dream
goes from wild to extreme
get your ass out there
and you’ll see what I mean

Let me know if you’ve had the pleasure of being in the BVI and seeing Da Tree Men live. Guitarist Adam, has been a long time RumShopRyan reader and is a great guy. The fact that he works for Pusser’s Rum company doesn’t hurt either. Hey Adam, how about sending this Castaway some rum samples! Worth a shot right?

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