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For this week’s Caribbean beach bar story we sail into Great Harbour on Jost Van Dyke. I’ve been hesitant about writing on the famous Jost beach bars. Why? I like to tell you guys about places that you might not know about, off the beaten path so to speak. And since JVD is pretty much ground zero for famous beach bars, I’ve stayed away from them. Sure, I wrote about the Soggy Dollar webcam here, but not about the bar itself.  Couldn’t resist showing you guys that great Caribbean webcam.

Let’s start with one of the lesser known beach bars on Jost, Corsairs. Located in Great Harbour, Corsairs doesn’t get quite the attention as its White Bay neighbors. Owned and ran by the charismatic Vinnie, Corsairs is a great place to wash ashore, grab a bite to eat and through back a signature Wench Juice or two.


Picture yourself on the tiny island of Jost (easy to do I know), and you are attacked by a craving for Italian food, out of luck right? Wrong. Corsairs serves up Northern Italian cuisine, plus TexMex with a Caribbean twist and they are home to the Monster Lobster. They even serve up fresh sushi! Everything I’ve read about Corsairs centers around it’s amazing food and the great personality of Vinnie and his staff. It’s the type of place that has people coming back time and time again.

Corsiars Vinnie

Vinnie, Owner of Corsairs Beach Bar

Corsairs Beach Bar

Vinnie Ride - Photo from Williem01 via Flickr

Corsairs serves breakfast, lunch and dinner for its salty souled customers. Open 8:30 am until whenever. Yes whenever, it’s an island thing, but the party usually goes well into the night with live music and flowing rum drinks.

Corsairs Jost

Corsairs Bar - Photo by klr2c via Flickr

Next time you toss anchor in Great Harbour, dinghy up to the beach in front of Corsairs and join the pirate party. Ask Vinnie for a Wench or VooDoo Juice, tear off a slice of pizza and chillax in the Caribbean sun. Do this and your life will be completely perfect. I promise.

Corsiars Jost Beach Bar

Corsairs Beach Bar, Jost



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