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Release your toes! Those 10 little nubs on the end of your feet have been waiting for this day all year. Today is National Flip Flop Day and it’s time to celebrate. I think we need a parade.

Every year, the third Friday of June marks National Flip-Flop Day. Okay, it’s not a huge, get me out of work type of holiday, but it’s one that we Castaways proudly recognize as a celebration to these footwear icons of summer and the relaxed way of life.

Today, the flip-flop has gone mainstream. There are styles for relaxing at the beach, sleek and elegant styles, anything you want. You name it and someone somewhere makes that type of flip flop.  Orlando-based Margaritaville footwear sells flip-flops with Parrothead foot treads inspired by Jimmy Buffett. A little ironic because Jimmy doesn’t wear any shoes on stage.

Cushe Flip Flop Giveaway Winners

That brings me to my favorite brand and our Flip Flop Giveaway Contest. The good people at Cushe were nice enough to give me two pairs of flip flops to give away to you Castaways. One pair for the ladies and one pair of the gents.

I had you guys send in photos of your ugliest, most run-down beat up pair of flip flops. The guy and girl photo with the most “like” votes on the RumShopRyan Facebook page would win the free pair of Cushe flip flops seen below.

Cushe Manuka Wrap

Cushe Manuka Wrap for Men

To be honest with you guys, I’m glad this contest is over. Some of the flip flops you guys have are really nasty! Time for a new pair people.


The winners of the Cushe Flip Flop Giveaway are Laren DiChiara Noack with 39 votes and Jeff Howard with 32 votes. Congrats guys! You both are in need of some new flip flops badly. Jeff, love the way you sent yours off as a sacrifice to the sea.

Thanks for submitting all your photos everyone. We will keep having giveaways like this so stay tuned.

All this flip flop talk has gotten me antsy. I’m thinkin’ I need another pair of flip floppers. One more pair wouldn’t hurt would it? Just don’t tell my girl!

I hope everyone has a great National Flip Flop Friday and you all rock those summer time kicks today. Your toes will thank you.



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