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The headline read, “5 Best Caribbean Beers”, of course I was going to read on and see what this Fox News writer really had to say about a subject so dear to my heart.

Here is the Fox News list of the best Caribbean beers:

  • Carib Lager – Trinidad, St. Kitts, Grenada
  • Kalik Gold – Bahamas
  • Red Stripe – Jamaica
  • Blackbeard Ale – Virgin Islands
  • Presidente – Dominican Republic

This list has some of the usual suspects with only one real surprise, the Blackbeard Ale. The headline said the best Caribbean beers, to me this list says most popular or most widely distributed, not necessarily the best. Has the writer really tried all of the smaller Caribbean beer labels? I think some really good beers got left off this list, they only missed the boat because they aren’t the big bottle on the beach.


First, I would kick Presidente right off the list. Big boot straight to the ass. For whatever reason, every time I drink more than one of these I get a headache. I know it’s a popular beer with many, just not this pirate.

I would have to say goodbye to the Blackbeard Ale as well. Only because I haven’t had the pleasure of it touching my lips.

Caribbean beer

Kalik Gold from the Bahamas

Carib, Kalik Gold, and Red Stripe, these are some of my favorites and they find themselves in my beach cooler just about every weekend, but are they the best or just the most popular? Probably a little of both.

In my opinion I believe Banks Beer from Barbados and Imperial from Costa Rica should be added in place of the Blackbeard Ale and Presidente. Both have very unique flavors, taste great and are refreshing to the last drop.

Other Top Caribbean Beers

Caribbean beer

Belikin Beer from Belize

Honorable mentions go to: Balashi Beer from Aruba, Sands from the Bahamas, Caybrew from the Cayman Islands, Medalla Light from Puerto Rico, and Belikin Beer from Belize.

You can read about the battle of the Bahamas between Kalik and SANDS here.

Of course when it comes right down to it, it all depends on the drinker’s tastebuds. Your top 5 Caribbean beers may differ from mine and the Fox News list completely, that’s fine. The most important part is that you enjoy it with a smile on your face and hopefully with your toes covered in Caribbean sand.

Cheers Castaways!

(Red Strip photo from dameonrb via Flickr, Carib Beer sign from erikaheinzurlaub via Flickr)

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