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I was told that Shipwreck Beach Bar was the place to go if you don’t want to be found. Sounds like the perfect place for this Castaway.

St. Kitts is a beach bar paradise. The main strip in Frigate Bay has over 15 alone. Yes, 15 beach bars, all lined up one after the other. I was a little overwhelmed by the possibilities and had already started to dream about doing a Frigate Bay bar crawl and hitting them all. That adventure will have to wait for next time though.

Shipwreck Beach Bar St. Kitts

Shipwreck Beach Bar

The two St. Kitts beach bars that were on my must visit list this trip were Reggae Beach Bar and Shipwreck Beach Bar.

On my last full day on island as the Marriott Beach Blogger, I cut my pool day short, loaded up my backpack and hired a cabby named Talbo to do a little beach bar hopping down the southern coast. I was excited about the seaside adventure that awaited.

It had been raining on and off throughout the day and the dirt road that takes you to Shipwreck had turned into a sloppy mess. Hey, if it was easy to get to then everyone would go right? We pulled up and it was packed, seems everyone does go. Time to do some exploring.

I find a home on a bar stool and start taking in the scene. Shipwreck looks pretty much like its name, a wreck. A patchwork of graffiti covered boards, nets, driftwood and left behind mementos from vagabond souls. It was the perfect place, and the moment I walked through the door I knew I never wanted to leave.

Shipwreck Beach Bar St. Kitts

Shipwreck Beach Bar, St. Kitts

I ordered a cold Carib from Kim the bartender, who was obviously a little overwhelmed by the crowd, but she was handling it with class and grace. I then got into a conversation with a couple sitting next to me and asked how long they’re on island for. Their response, 20 years. These expats moved from Great Britain and now call St. Kitts their home. How many of us would like to follow that same path?

Shipwreck Beach Bar

Shipwreck Beach Bar, St. Kitts

They started to point out all the locals and informed me that most everyone there was a local except for a small handful. I was a little shocked, but then realized I had come to the right place. A place not on the big tourist radar, a place where friends gather for a good meal, cold drinks and a spectacular ocean view.

Shipwreck Beach Bar St. Kitts

Shipwreck Beach, South Friars Bay

The Menu

Shipwreck Beach Bar St. Kitts

Shipwreck Menu

The menu is simple featuring items like Chicken Nachos, Chicken Wings, Burgers, Ribs, Mahi Mahi, Snapper, Grouper, and Tacos. If I would’ve  had more time to stay, I would have destroyed an order or two of those Fish Tacos, they looked fantastic.

Turns out I’m not the only one that likes the food. Just behind the bar on the hillside, cooks put leftover food scraps out on boards and monkeys and mongoose come down from the tree covered hillside to enjoy some Shipwreck grub. I didn’t see any monkeys enjoying the treats, but a handful of mongoose were enjoying themselves thoroughly.

Shipwreck Beach Bar St. Kitts

Mongoose at Shipwreck Beach Bar

The Beach

The beach at Shipwreck is out of this world beautiful. It consists of brown and black sand, has unbelievable views to the south mountains and the island of Nevis. There is a small swimming platform a little way off shore and the beach has plenty of lounge chairs and small thatch umbrellas to keep you cool in the Caribbean sun.

My time spent at Shipwreck was short but memorable. My cab was waiting and the next beach bar was just over the hill. I was told Shipwreck was a place you go when you don’t want to be found. I learned that a lot of people on St. Kitts must not want to be found. Who can blame them. I can’t want until I wash up on the shore of Shipwreck once again, never to be found.

Shipwreck Beach Bar

A Castaway washed ashore at Shipwreck Beach Bar

Let me know if you’ve had the pleasure of spending time at Shipwreck. I would love to hear your stories!


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