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Load the gun powder and breakout the rum, because we’re all about to get down in a pirate town. We’ll divvy up the booty we stole last week, spend it all on liquor and something sweet.

I think you guys are going to like today’s Salt Life Sound post. My buddy Clint introduced me to these guys and their album, Pirate Sessions.

Chase Rice (Captain Morgan), Florida-Georgia Line (Blackbeard and Calico Jack) & Jesse Rice (Captain Kidd) are modern day pirates plundering Nashville for a songwriter’s booty. These guys were inspired to produce a coastal inspired album by taking a road trip to Key West and that’s how Pirate Sessions was born.

Funny how those Florida Keys inspire people to create great art.

“This project began innocently enough in the Spring of 2010, when we sat down to write a song about an impending voyage to the Florida Keys. That song, Sweet Kind Of Summer, became the linch-pin for what came to be known as The Pirate Sessions.”

“After throwing around some conceptual ideas, we decided to take the thematic elements of that first song and turn it into a whole record- a collection of tales which you have before you today.”

Here is a live video of “Gettin’ Down In a Pirate Town” from the Streets of Nashville.

Addictive song isn’t it? The Pirate Sessions album is a linear creation. Every title of each song in this compilation was derived from a lyrical line from a song written before it in this series. You will hear those references throughout this record.

Sweet Kinda Summer” became “Key West Time” which led to “Blackbeard’s Ghost” followed by “Crashin’ Waves” “Haze of the Rum” and then “Gettin’ Down In a Pirate Town“.

If you would like to buy “Gettin’ Down In A Pirate Town” click here.
Gettin' Down In a Pirate Town (feat. Florida Georgia Line, Jesse Rice & Chase Rice) - The Pirate Sessions

If you would like to buy the complete Pirate Sessions album click here.
The Pirate Sessions - Various Artists

As you listen to these songs, you can’t help but take a trip to the islands and back in time. Welcome to The Pirate Sessions everyone, I kind of thought this would be perfect for all you Castaways. I’m heading down to Key West next week and this album will be in constant rotation for sure.

Let me now what you think of the songs and album.


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