Doesn’t the “Haze of the Rum” make everything seem a little bit better? Everyone gets more attractive, you laugh just a little louder, and you never want the night to end, that is the haze of the rum.

I wrote about this island inspired album, “Pirate Sessions” last week, featuring the song Gettin’ Down in a Pirate Town. Chase Rice (Captain Morgan), Florida-Georgia Line (Blackbeard and Calico Jack) & Jesse Rice (Captain Kidd) are modern day pirates, just like you and me, but just happened to make a kick ass, feel good album about the things we Castaways love the most.

Today I want to show you guys this amateur video shot on the streets of Nashville. It features the guys from Pirate Sessions, and a talented street rapper that joined the jam. The song is “Haze of the Rum”, something I think we all have experienced once or twice. It’s an addictive song, just like the rest of the album.

Haze of the Rum – Pirate Sessions

I guarantee if you watch this video a couple times, the chorus will be stuck in your head…in a good way.

If you want to get your hands on the Pirate Sessions CD just click the iTunes link below.
The Pirate Sessions - Various Artists

Enjoy the Haze of the Rum Castaways!

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