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Today, August 16 is National Rum Day. There will be no parade (there should be), no nationally televised fireworks (a travesty), no speech from the President (what else could he be doing?), in all honesty, you will be left to celebrate this holiday on your own or with us Castaways right here.

I’m here to help!

Pictured above is my small rum collection, 21 bottles and growing. I don’t have a vast collection like Mike from Rum Connection or the other rum experts, but it contains some brands that I love very much and drink often.

My rum taste buds change weekly, sometimes I like a nice smooth rum and other times I get in the mood for a spiced rum with a  taste explosion. Here are the rums that you will most often find in my glass.



I was first turned on to this rum about a year ago on Siesta Key at the Daiquiri Deck. I had it in a frozen drink, but did do a sipping test as well. It has a lot of flavor and at 94proof will kick you in the pants if you’re not careful. I’m a marketers dream, if you throw a cool design and clever story in my face, I’m sold. That’s what Kraken did with their cool bottle and fun story about an ancient sea monster.  Almost ready for another bottle!


Zaya Rum

Zaya Rum

Zaya might be the smoothest rum I own. Again, I’m no rum tasting expert, but when I drink Zaya, it almost tastes like a milk chocolate flowing down my throat. It’s so smooth, you’ll almost forget you’re drinking rum, that is until you stand up clumsy style and all your jokes suddenly get funny.

Flor de Cana 5

Flor de Cana Rum

Flor de Cana Rum

I was turned on to Flor de Cana by Mike at Rum Connection whom I mentioned earlier. He said for your money this is one of the best rums out there. This price is right and the taste is great. I’m looking to invest in a bottle of Flor de Cana 7 pretty soon as I’ve heard that it tastes even better than the 5 year.

To round out my top 5 I would have to add Cruzan 9 and believe it or not, Ron de Jeremy rum. Cruzan 9 has a great taste with a nice bight and lots of spices. Ron de Jeremy is a surprise I’m sure, but it has a great taste and smooth finish.

So those are my top 5 rums right now. This list my change in a month or two as my taste buds change, but for now these are the rums you will most often find in my glass.

If you are really into rum, don’t forget about the Rum Cruise this November. You can find out more information on this week long cruise that will have you bouncing around the Caribbean visiting rum distilleries along the way if you visit I’m going to do my best to make this cruise, I would love to see you there!

National Rum Day, I just like the way that rolls of the lips, don’t you? How will you be celebrating? I think I’m going to enjoy a glass of Flor de Cana and probably finish off what’s left of the Kraken.


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caribbean discounts