Every island loving soul needs to show off their passion. The best way to do that is with a Castaway “THE LIFE” t-shirt. At least I think that’s the best way, but I may be a little bias.

Starting today, for one week I’ll be running a BUY 2 GET 1 FREE special on these Castaway shirts.

Simply add two shirts to your shopping cart, then during checkout where it says message to seller, let me know what size and either men’s or women’s style and it will be added to your order. I’ll personally email you back just to confirm what you’d like your free shirt to be.

Mens or Womens


Here are the shirts in the wild.

Castaway shirt

Ladies Castaway Shirt

Ladies Castaway Shirt

Ladies Castaway Shirt

Mens Castaway Shirt

Mens Castaway Shirt

Mens Castaway Shirt

Mens Castaway Shirt

You know rumor has it, that these Castaway shirts make rum drinks taste better and if you close your eyes while wearing one, visions of Caribbean beaches and cabana boys and girls fanning you with palm fronds will appear on the back of your eyelids. Crazy I know, but that’s the rumor.

As always, feel free to post photos of yourself wearing your Castaway gear on the RumShopRyan Facebook page. Loving seeing you guys live “THE LIFE”.

Cheers and thank you!

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  1. Garret February 24, 2017 at 6:06 am

    I like that angle, Jay. But business in social media is just a byproduct of the population. It started as and will probably always primarily be an informal place for folks to connect and communicate. Too much business and it will be the next big thing we flee from.


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