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The Nest Beach Bar & Restaurant sits on the sand of Valley Church Beach on the island of Antigua. Kick back, relax and be prepared yourself a rum drink, it’s time to add  another must visit Caribbean beach bar to that ever growing list.

Have I told you how much I love you Castaways? I am truly blessed to have readers like you. Last week I get an email from Castaway Jane, she told me of her love of the Caribbean and how reading RSR takes her mind to the lower latitudes. She then goes on to tell me about her favorite island beach bar, The Nest on Antigua. Here’s what Jane had to say about her island paradise.

“Like all good beach bars, its a little hard to find. The sign at the end of the road is worn and hard to read, the road is dirt with lots of potholes and it winds along for a ways. But it is worth the trek – the beach with sea grape trees along the back, the turquoise water, soft sand, and the colorful Nest Beach Bar. Somehow the Carib is always a little colder, the English Harbour Rum a little sweeter, and the coconut shrimp worth a trip of thousands of miles. When your done eating, take a short stroll to the shade of the sea grape trees. Lounging under the trees, looking at the sea, watching the bright birds is the ultimate pressure drop. Its true – Elvis and his friends have created one memorable beach bar. Yeah, I feel more relaxed already.”


Her words paint a great picture of this little beach bar paradise. With visual writing like that she could steal my job!

The Nest Beach Bar

The Nest Beach Bar, Antigua - By Castaway Jane

The restaurant caters to locals and cruise ship tourists, the prices are reasonable and the restaurant serves simple but well prepared local food. Spend your morning walking on the sand, then order up some Barbeque, Burgers, Caribbean cuisine, Hot Dogs, Pizza, Sandwiches, and or Seafood.

The Nest Beach Bar

The Nest Beach Bar, Antigua

Here are a couple videos that I found on The Nest. The quality isn’t the greatest, but it’ll help you get a feeling of the what it might be like to spend a day here.

The Nest does look like a traditional Caribbean beach bar, but it’s missing the human graffiti that a lot of other beach bars boast. You won’t find thousands of dollar bills with names and cities on them. You won’t find bras and panties of women who might have had a little to much rum in the sun. You won’t find weathered t-shirts or license plates from around the world. What you will find is a clean atmosphere where the rum is smooth and the sand is soft.

The Nest Beach Bar

The Nest Beach Bar, Antigua

Me, I kind of like all the miscellaneous graffiti on the walls. It adds character and gives your eyes something to do as you lime away the day. Also it’s always fun to leave your mark as well, then you’ll feel as if you’re a part of the place and will have to return one day to protect your territory.

The Nest Beach Bar

Valley Church Beach - By Castaway Jane

Cheers to another Caribbean beach bar that teases us from afar.


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