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The type of art and things we accessorize our lives with says a lot about us. If you’re anything like me, you surround yourself with things that inspire and remind you of places where your most cherished memories were conceived.

Castaways, please welcome Island Art & Treasure to the RSR family of advertisers. Here’s what Jeff, the owner and founder of Island Art & Treasure, had to say about how his business was inspired by the Caribbean.

The inspiration to start Island Art & Treasure was born largely out of our island passion, and of a desire to facilitate a more permanent setting in the islands we love. When we travel for pleasure, we are not the typical postcard and refrigerator magnet collecting nomad. Instead, our home is decorated with artwork and scenes from the beautiful Caribbean Islands. So we set off to combine our love of art and our love of the Caribbean Islands, and in 2007 Island Art & Treasures was conceived.


Our business model is designed to introduce the artists of the Caribbean Islands to a broader market, and to create lasting memories of their island homes. A number of our clients are those that have seen an artist or a particular beach while on vacation, and we make beautiful images that serve as a constant reminder of that perfect vacation or island getaway.

Island Art & Treasures has a diverse product line. Of course we carry a line of original works and prints as expected, but we also license a number of images and create a unique line of Caribbean gifts perfectly suited for the Castaway mind! Our products are available directly from our website, and can be found in a growing stable of gift shops and boutiques in the islands.

We really value our artist relationships and in getting to know them on a personal level. Periodically we feature new artist biographies on our site, just click on our Meet the Artist tab, and in video interviews on YouTube. Each artist has a unique story of their background in art and in their island lifestyle. We enjoy sharing these with our island loving friends.

Island Art & Treasures does do custom order items with the customer’s own image if they prefer. Many of the items we have can be produced one-off from customer provided images. This is especially attractive as a means of commemorating a special event such as a destination wedding or significant anniversary trip.

Like most Castaways we love the islands and love to spend our time with our toes in the water. We like to base our travels out of St. Martin because it makes a great jumping off point for quick trips to several nearby islands. Hope to see you in the islands soon!

Tropical iPad Case

iPad Case

I had the chance to meet Jeff at the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival back in April. He’s a great guy and he showed me some of his product line. They have these really cool iPad cases that have island landscapes on them. I don’t even have an iPad and I wanted one of these!

Jeff was nice enough to offer all Castaways stoneware coasters at  20% off all month of September, plus Free Shipping. Just click the link to take advantage of the special. Here are the coasters.

Island Art Treasure

Island Coasters

To learn more about Island Art & Treasure and see their products please visit them at

People can find out more about us at:

Great to have these guys aboard!


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caribbean discounts