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10 years ago we stood frozen, not understanding, not believing the horrific events unfolding. We watched helplessly, while praying for the safety of strangers and a need to connect with loved ones.

10 years ago we were flooded with emotion, to many feelings happening all at one time it was impossible to contain. Sorrow, fear, hate, sympathy, love, desperation, unity, resolve and revenge.

10 years ago on September 11th we watched as towers fell, people perished and lives were changed. On September 12th and the days following, this great country came together the likes I never new possible. We came together in the form of loving arms, to take care of those effected by this tragedy. We came together in the form of a hammer, to rebuild out cities, big and better, heeling the bruises of our wounded country. We came together in the form of a fist, to take the fight to our cowardice enemies, to show them we are strong, we are powerful, we are unrelenting and that we are Americans.

Today we stand silent, we close our eyes and think about the people that gave their lives. We think about the our loved ones, we think about the heroic acts of strangers and we think about never letting this happen again. We think about those to continue to fight for our freedom and keep us safe.

Today we watch, we watch as the bruises in our proudest city, our capital city and a field in Pennsylvanian heal. Like a phoenix from the ashes, these spots that were once filled with so much tragedy are transformed into a places of remembrance, renewal and strength.

Today we remember.

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caribbean discounts