Music sets the mood. Music is the soundtrack to our lives. Being that we Castaways like to take life a little slower, our music relaxes, soothes and clams us. I hear margaritas are pretty good for that as well.

I just stumbled onto a group that I think you might like, they’re called Slightly Stoopid. I don’t know much about them yet, but the couple songs I’ve heard so far are pretty damn good. They have a reggae vibe with a cool groovin’ California style. Influenced by bands like Led Zeppelin, Sly & Robbie, Dr. Dre, The Marley’s, Nirvana, Sublime, UB40, The Police, Yellowman, Don Carlos and more, you can definitely feel their unique flow and can’t help but bob your head a little. At least I can’t.

Here are a couple live videos from Slightly Stoopid I think you might like. They were shot last year (2010) at the Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa, California.

Anywhere I Go (acoustic) – Slightly Stoopid

Mellow Mood (live acoustic) – Slightly Stoopid


More than a decade of making music together, the members of Slightly Stoopid have perfected one of the rarest and most valuable skills a band can develop: the art of the stealth groove, that knack for quietly, almost innocently, sliding into a composition, and utterly lassoing anyone within earshot by mid-song. That’s where the band has come to reside, musically: deep in the pocket, that ever-elusive, funky trench where a band can entrance an audience, hypnotize it and hold on to it until the set or CD is finished. Built on a bedrock of nasty, oceanic slabs of dubby bass, meditative vocal harmonies, rock-steady guitar licks and tightly syncopated percussive rhythms, Slightly Stoopid illustrate a case study in underground success, steeped in years of hard touring, an improvisational business model, and a creative process that continues to unwind and push the envelope of a new jam-based genre the band helped to create.

Slightly Stoopid’s dual front-men Miles Doughty (Guitar, Bass, Vocals) and Kyle McDonald (Guitar, Bass, Vocals), created their own label, Stoopid Records, in the early 2000’s to avoid signing a record deal and keep their DIY work ethic and freedom away from music industry politics. The west coast sound pioneers later added musicians Ryan ‘RyMo’ Moran (Drums) and Oguer ‘OG’ Ocon (Congas, Percussion, Harp, Vocals) from the B Side Players, as well as C-Money (Trumpet, Keyboard) and Dela (Saxophone) from John Browns Body; solidifying their on stage line up. Slightly Stoopid has built a large n’ loyal fan base, and has soared to one of the most successful independent artists of this decade. The buzz surrounding the group continues to increase with each successive release; their album catalog sales have topped the 700,000 mark and the group continues to fill the most prestigious concert venues around the world, and continues to create a legion of “stoopidheads” in the process!


Live & Direct – Acoustic Roots – Slightly Stoopid

The Longest Barrel Ride – Slightly Stoopid

Slightly $toopid – Slightly Stoopid

Slightly Not Stoned Enough to Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid – Slightly Stoopid

Closer to the Sun – Slightly Stoopid

Let me know what you guys think. I’m still trying to listen to more of their stuff to get a better feel, but the two songs in the videos above I’m really diggin’.


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  1. Mid-Life Cruising! September 12, 2011 at 10:30 am

    Love it! While we’ve known many “slightly stupid”, we were not familiar with “Slightly Stoopid” … great sound! Thanks for sharing!

  2. mm
    RumShopRyan September 12, 2011 at 12:10 pm

    My pleasure Cruising! These guys would make a great addition to the Boat playlist.


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