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As most of you know I have a weakness, and that weakness is footwear, most of all casual sandals and flip flops. Sure I have a few favorites I wear most, but you never know when a certain t-shirt or destination calls for something a little different.

I have recently explored the world of loafers. See I’m a laid back dude and you will almost always find me in some type of open toed shoe, be it a brown leather slip on sandal from Cushe or a rugged Reef flip flop that can take the wet and sandy nature of my beach explorations. But my better half jumps on me sometimes because flip flops just don’t work in certain situations. Despite my best arguing skills and the fact that I can be as stubborn as an ass, I have seen a glimmer of her point. That doesn’t mean I have to like it though.

If I am forced to wear a closed toe shoe then dammit, it’s going to be casual and sure as hell isn’t going to have laces. That’s how I discovered the world of loafers.

I have added two pairs of loafers to my collection of laid-back living footwear, the Margaritaville Loafer and the Cushe Surf-Slipper loafer. Here’s a little review on each.

The Margaritaville Loafer


The Margaritaville Loafer is my more casual of the two. It’s light brown leather goes with just about any outfit (Are guys suppose to say outfit?) and the shoes is easy to slip on and off with no need to bend down and pull it on.

Margaritaville shoes

Margaritaville Loafers

The interior is comfortable and lets your foot breath easily. Tip – do NOT wear these with sock! I’m not sure if it’s an “advanced years” thing or just an oblivious to the fact that you look ridiculous thing, but it’s a big no no. Remember that Beach Ethics post I did a month ago, well wearing socks with loafers should be added to that list of unwritten rules.

Margaritaville shoes

Margaritaville Loafers

It’s hard not to be a fan of the Margaritaville footwear line, I mean having a little palm tree and the word “Margaritaville” on you shoe is about as cool as it gets. Even the bottom of the shoe is island cool. Flip the loafer over and you’ll see an abstract map of the lower Florida Keys. Simply mucho mucho cool.

The Cushe Surf-Slipper Loafer

Cushe surf slipper loafer

Cushe Surf-Slipper Loafer

You’ve heard me rave about the Cushe brand before. They just have a unique style that attracts me like a mosquito to one of those purple bug zapper things. With the addition of these Cushe loafers I think that makes 7 pairs of shoes I have from them. I should go work for these guys!

Cushe Surf-Slipper Loafer

Cushe Surf-Slipper Loafer

The Surf-Slipper loafer is the shoe that I wear when I’m heading to a more upscale or stylish place. I’m not really sure you can call any place I go to upscale, but just in case these are the closed toes shoes I most likely will be sporting.

Cushe Surf-Slipper Loafer

Cushe Surf-Slipper Loafer

The loafer is easy to slide into with its expandable heal and tongue sections. It has a super cushioned footbed and a light breathable canvas top. Cushe has several different styles and color of loafers, they even have a fleece lined loafer for you castaways in the higher cooler latitudes.

I’m still partial to my flip flops, but when the need arises I’m happy to slide a pair of these casual shoes on to my beautiful (ugly) feet.

Are you a loafer type person? Tell me your opinion on these brands.


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