Don’t we all need a Time Out every now and then? A break from our busy schedules,  screaming kids and our ho-hum jobs is just what the doctor is prescribing. The prescription…Island Lime.

Our new “Island Lime” video series is going to give you, at least for a few minutes, that peace and serenity you crave. No words, no interruptions, no guy named Ryan blabbering about cocktails or palm trees. It’s just going to be the soft sound of the waves rolling onto the sand as you watch the beach-scape come to life before your eyes. A moment of relaxation and inspiration.

Our first Island Lime is filmed on the north end of Little Hickory Island in Bonita Springs, FL.

ISLAND LIME – Little Hickory Island, Bonita Beach

I hope you Castaways enjoyed the video. Hopefully you feel relaxed and your mind flew off to someplace less bound by responsibility , at least for a little bit. More Island Lime videos to come!

Have a great weekend Castaways!


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