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Rum and the beach, two of our favorite things. Mix them together and you have a paradise found.

What did our good friend Jack Sparrow say…sorry, that’s Captain Jack Sparrow. He said, “But why is the rum always gone?” Because it’s damn good Jack. My point is that when the rum is gone the bottles are tossed and sometimes wind up in the ocean as floating trash. In time they make find their way to a beach.  I’m can’t stand trash on a beach, but their is something a little romantic about seeing rum bottles on the beach. I don’t know if its the connection that rum has to the sea and the Caribbean or if it’s two of our favorite things meeting in different, yet interesting circumstances.

Here are some photos I thought you might enjoy of rum bottles on the beach. You’ll see what I mean about the mysterious allure.

Rum on the Beach



Photo by RumShopRyan

Photo by Baklein62 via Flickr


See what I mean? There’s just something sexy about a rum bottle sitting in the sand.

My good buddy Carlton Grooms is a TOP 5 Finalist for the Tommy Bahama Rumologist Contest. He is a huge lover of rum and a true island lover like all of us. Please click here and vote for Carl to be the first Tommy Bahama Rumologist. You can vote everyday and I believe tomorrow is the last day to vote. Thanks!

Cheers to emptying a few of those bottles!


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