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Good Day Castaways, we have another excellent guest post for you today. Cuban American writer JC Perez has some amazing stories about his travel throughout the Caribbean. JC is the author of Heisting the Beard, a tale about treasure, Cuba and suspense. He sent me a copy of Heisting the Beard and I can’t wait to dig into it and review it for you guys. Enjoy his post on the beautiful Bahamian islands of Bimini.

BIMINI by JC Perez

As much as Cuba is the “Forbidden Isle”, Bimini has become the “Forgotten Isle.” Bimini was unheard of or known as just a place strictly for fisherman and their stories about the one that got away, but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s called the fishing capital of the world where countless world records have been recorded, but once again like most islands there’s a lot more than meets the eyes. Known as a place for million dollar boys with their million dollar toys (Boats), it now has become a destination for everything from day excursions to extended vacations stays.

Sitting just 47 miles east of Miami, a short boat trip across the Gulf Stream or a twenty minute flight out of Ft. Lauderdale or Miami, Bimini has begun to accommodate more than just the million dollar big game fisherman. Rich in history, gin clear water, and an abundance of other activities it can offer a great get away for a lot less, definitely more bang for the buck. Let me give you a little tour of what to do and who to do it with. First let me tell you that if you’re looking for casinos and dance clubs you need to go somewhere else. Bimini is built for fishing, relaxing on the beach, swimming with Dolphins and slinging back many Bahama Mamas. All you need is your bathing suit and a chilled attitude on Bimini.


When you arrive you’ll need a place to stay and a way to get around. There are numerous hotels on the tiny island not to mention the grand resort on the tip of the north end, Bimini Bay Resort, it’s expensive but if you can afford it it’s worth the price, or the world famous Big Game club, rich in history and where Ernest Hemingway did a lot of fishing out of when he wrote his best seller “Islands in the Stream”, now run by the famous painter and Oceanographer Guy Harvey. For those on a tighter budget I suggest you look up Hilary’s Hotel mid island on the north side, it’s a great little place and Hillary, better known to all as “Conch Man” can also lead you on a great Island excursion to Bimini’s wonders. Only Biminites have cars and there aren’t many of them, so for getting around, go mid Island on the north side and look up Little Craig or Dreamer Lockhart, and they’ll hook you up with a golf cart for getting around the island. It’s the only way to get from point A to point B if you don’t want to walk.

Red Lion Bimini

Red Lion - Photo by

For your dinning pleasure in my opinion there’s only one place to go and that’s the Red Lion on North Bimini. The grouper sandwiches, conch soup and conch fritters are to die for, and the rest of the menu is exquisite and daily fresh, they just can’t be beat. I didn’t forget the grog for all you rummies out there, the best place to enjoy your Bahama Mamas is the End of the World saloon. Its small, cozy, and the rum and Kalik beer flow all night long, with Calypso and Reggae music playing till early morning.

End of the World Bar Bimini

For your day time pleasure when you want to slow down the rum and Kalik, or if you want to take them along with you, there’s plenty of history and excitement to occupy your time. If you haven’t been under a rock all your life and you’ve heard of the “Lost City of Atlantis”, according to the great American Prophet, “Edgar Cacey” Atlantis is rising off the coast of North Bimini and has become known as the Bimini road, or the great Bimini Wall. Hilary will be glad to take you there for a small fee or he will let you know who can, it’s a must see. There’s also the Fountain of youth which every Biminite will tell it’s on their Island and not in Florida as Ponce De Leon would have you believe. Also on Bimini are the healing waters or what they call the “Healing hole” and the ancient Shark Mounds which date back to antiquity on South Bimini. All of these places will seem magical to you when you visit them. The Island is full of mystery that will enlighten your world, believe it.

If Pirates and stories of their adventures are more what you like, well then just stop and ask any Biminite to tell you stories about everyone who has used Bimini as a base for their actions. From Captain Henry Morgan, to Papa Ernest Hemingway and to Papa Joe Kennedy and his rum running days. Even Pablo Escobar the king of cocaine and the days of the Colombian Cartels saw action in Bimini. They all visited and used Bimini as a stepping stone to get their goods to the States. It really is an exciting and mysterious place you must see to believe.

For all you Parrot heads who might be visiting Miami for a week or two, or for those who want to visit a real piece of Island history, Bimini is a must visit.

Enjoy the Islands my friends, no matter which one you may be on, and don’t forget to keep the rum flowing.

One love,

JC Perez

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