What’s the best beach in the United States? This year its a strip of sand about an hour north on I-75 from my little town, it’s called Siesta Key Beach. Siesta Key is a barrier island in Sarasota Florida and it is consistently voted one of the best beaches in the country, this year it took top spot. If you’ve ever been to Siesta Key it’s easy to know why.

This week’s Island Lime Video takes you to Siesta Key to watch the waves lap up onto the shore and the sea gulls blaze through the skies. Well, the sea gull in the first shot was more interested in chillaxing on the sand and watching me than blazing the skies, he selfishly became the star attraction for about a minute. You’ll see.

Siesta Key – Island Lime Videos

Have you been to Siesta Key? If you haven’t it is a must. It’s home to some of the softest sand you will ever sink your toes into. I know a lot of people say that about beaches, but this is a true story. The sand of Siesta Key is 99% quartz. It’s almost like walking on baby powder it’s so fine. It sticks to everything but that small hassle is well work the experience.

My first experience with the sand of Siesta Key was 6 or 7 years ago when I went there to watch a friend play in a volleyball tournament. Right when I stepped on the sand I knew it was different. It wrapped around my foot like a warm hug. Once I got settled in and started to toss the football around, I learned you could dive on to the sand and not get hurt. Almost like falling on to soft snow. I had no idea sand could be this soft. The sand and the beach made an impression on me that day as I’m sure it did on you your first visit.

If you’d like the see the rest the photos from my visit to Siesta Key click here.

Have a great weekend Castaways!


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