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Yes, rum is our friend, but our other best friend is cold beer. There’s only one thing that can compete with a flavorful rum punch on the beach and that is a cold island beer pull straight from the icy cooler.

I was browsing the endless isles in the local Total Wine & More store in search of the Caribbean section. It seems like they always have something new and different each time I go in and this time was no different. The surprise on this day was Dragon Stout beer from the “big up” island of Jamaica.

As I write this post a cold Dragon Stout sits arms length away in a black Castaway koozie. The taste? It has a lot. I’m normally not a fan of over powering beers with a ton of hops and bitter flavors. I’ll take the smooth and refreshing light lagers any day, but I do like to keep an open and mind and will try anything once.

Dragon Stout reminds me a lot of Guinness. It’s dark in color with a strong flavor. Dragon Stout bottles are only 9.6 fluid ounces but do pack a high 7.5% alcohol content. In my opinion it isn’t a bad beer, but not a great beer. I’ll drink one and then will switch to something else. I do like the fact that it’s different from most of the Caribbean beers I’ve tried. Most island brews are light, smooth and have a refreshing taste in the hot sun. I wouldn’t use any of those adjectives on Dragon Stout.

Our buddy Steve over at Uncommon Caribbean wrote a review about Dragon Stout awhile back and wasn’t very enthusiastic about this brand. You can read about his Dragon Stout review here.

Would I buy Dragon Stout again? Yes, probably so. Maybe just a sixer and keep it in the back of the fridge. It makes for a good conversation piece and a little something different to drink when you get tired of all the Red Stripe, Corona, Carib and the other great Caribbean brews. But is that even possible?

Have you had Dragon Stout? What is your take on it?


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