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Southwest Florida is a boating paradise. Why? Because we have an abundant supply of these amazing things called barrier islands. The most famous probably being Sanibel Island.

Sanibel is popular for a multitude of reasons, it’s a seashell hunter’s paradise, the island is very natural, lush and over half of the island is a state park that is full of birds, alligators and even some American Crocodiles. One of the more popular features of Sanibel is the historic lighthouse.

The Sanibel Lighthouse stands tall on the Southern tip of the island. On a clear day you can see it all the way from Bonita Beach. The area around the lighthouse is a park that’s filled with coconut palms, Seagrape trees and lots and lots of seashell covered white sand. Relax and enjoy the day on the beach, walk the grounds around the lighthouse and basically just lime in an American paradise. That’s what I did for a few hours when I shot the video for this Island Lime Video.

Sanibel Island Lighthouse – Island Lime Videos

Here’s a little history on the lighthouse…

The first permanent English-speaking settlers on Sanibel Island arrived from New York in 1833 as part of a colony planned by land investors. Although that settlement was short-lived, the initial colonists petitioned the U.S. government for the construction of a lighthouse on the island. No action was taken on that proposal at the time. By the late 1870’s, sea-going commerce in the area had increased in volume. The U.S. Lighthouse Bureau took the initiative in requesting funds for a lighthouse for Sanibel Island, and in 1884, construction of the tower began. The station was lighted for the first time in August 1884. The significance of the Sanibel Lighthouse lies in the regular and reliable service it has provided for travelers along Florida’s West Coast. Since 1950, the U.S. Coast Guard property at the lighthouse has been a wildlife refuge.


I hope you enjoyed the video and that it gave you a small taste of Sanibel Island. It’s my job to keep you Castaways in the North where temps are falling, warm thoughts and sunny skies.

Have you been to Sanibel Island? Leave a comment below and tell us your favorite thing about the island.


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