Time for another Castaways In The Wild post. It’s one thing to read my chaotic ramblings of rum and the islands and dream about playing in palm tree playgrounds, and another to live that life, which is what I want you guys to do. Get out there and lime!

Don’t picture yourself chillaxing in a hammock on Jost Van Dyke, do it. Don’t dream about bouncing around the Out Islands of the Bahamas, do it. Don’t say next year we’ll take the Harley on a road trip to Key West for Fantasy Fest, grab the bull by the reins and make it happen.

Here are the most recent photos I’ve received from Castaways living that life.

Castaways In The Wild

Castaway Koozie

Scott R. is ready for the weekend with his Castaway and Team Cocktail koozies.

Castaway Koozie

Randall making a stop at the Margaritaville Hotel on his way to Key West.

Castaway Koozie

From Randall D. - It's always 5 when TC and RSR koozies get together!

Castaway hat

A photo of Randall D. representing in Key West, taken by Barbie W.


A photo of Barbie and Randall. Nice hat Randall!

Thanks again for all the great photos guys! If you’d like to submit a photo with your Castaway gear, feel free to email me or post them on the RumShopRyan Facebook page. If you don’t have any Castaway gear yet, you need to join this exclusive club! All the cool people are doing it! Shameless I know.

(First photo by Randall D.)

Enjoy your day!


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  1. Tippling Tourist October 30, 2011 at 11:41 pm

    I totally agree. GO TRAVEL, NOW!
    There is no place other than here, and there is no time other than now.
    If one is incapable of enjoying life in the present then one is incapable of enjoyment. The present is the only time there is and future enjoyment does not exist.

  2. Rum Drinks November 10, 2011 at 6:15 am

    Ryan you have just written a post that describes me exactly! I have dreamt of doing these things for too long and its time to change! I’m penciling in a Rum holiday soon – can’t wait to send you some photos from the hammock!

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