Every journey needs a good soundtrack. The right song, the right band can stir emotions and create a special moment for the traveler who is already on a high from experiencing something new, especially if that traveler is in the islands.

This weekend I spent some time creating a new playlist on the old iPod for next week’s journey to Grenada and the Grenadines. I read that the Diamant has a place you can hook up an iPod so that it plays over the ship’s speakers. This information made me just a tad excited, so I set out to make the perfect playlist, to set the perfect mood, in the most perfect place in the world.

As you can probably guess the playlist is going to be populated with the usual suspects – Buffett, Chesney, Zac, Marley, Banks and Mishka. It occurred to me that for some insane reason I didn’t have Mishka’s Above the Bones album downloaded. I quickly corrected the mistake and proceeded to put the album on repeat. I fell into a state of chill relaxation as the smooth reggae filled the man cave.

I want to try and share that feeling with you. Here is Coastline Journey by Mishka, I dare you not to feel more relaxed after listening to it.

Above the Bones - Mishka

Can you imaging listing to that song while sailing on a 101 foot wooden schooner through the Grenadine Islands? Talk about the perfect song, perfect artist, for the perfect journey. Salt Life Sound.


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