When I first moved to Florida 10 years ago I called Naples home. Naples is a beautiful city with palm tree lined streets, manicured landscaping and lots of great shopping and dining choices.

Naples is known as a wealthy community with huge beach side mansions and expensive price tags. The main hub and downtown area of Naples is called 5th Avenue South. It’s a gorgeous street that’s lined with highend stores, fancy restaurants, roof top condos and some pretty cool bars. I use to hit up the Irish bar, Paddy Murphy’s quite a bit. Paddy’s great place for live entertainment, cold drinks and meeting pretty girls.

Last month when I drove down to the Naples to film the Naples Pier Video I took a detour down 5th Avenue and decided to hold my camera out the window and record the trip. I’m sure I looked like a whacked out tourist or something, but that’s the price I pay to be a whacked out blogger. I even stop for an old lady crossing the street. Such a gentleman.

Naples 5th Avenue

Have you been to Naples’ 5th Ave? What did you like or dislike about it?


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