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This guest post is by Dave Urquhart of Last Minute Vacations in Canada.

The best way to beat the chill of a Canadian winter is to catch a flight to the Caribbean. The convenience, low cost, and beautiful weather of the Caribbean Islands is the recipe for a great escape from the northern snow. When traveling to south for winter vacation, it is important to remember these tips:


Get the necessities
Be sure to pack lots of sun tan lotion with a minimum SPF 30. By the time you head south your summer tan will have long since faded and your skin will need to re-adapt to the sun’s rays. Also, be sure to pack Aloe skin lotion in case of a burn. Other necessities include lip balm, quality sunglasses (with UV protection) and nail clippers.

Learn about the country
It’s always important to know where you are going. Take a few minutes to learn about the local culture, economy, language, and history of the area you are visiting.

Get a base tan
Check-in to the tanning beds a few times before your trip to prepare your skin for your time in the sun.

While you’re there:

Leave your computer, blackberry, and work at home. Sit back on the beach with a good book, take in the sun, and let the sound of the ocean sink in.

Immerse yourself in the culture
Try the local foods, drinks, and language. Don’t be afraid to test your language skills and try greeting the locals in their language. It will be appreciated.

Try new things
Many all-inclusive resorts include a wide variety of water sports in addition to their regular amenities. A vacation is a great time to try yoga, dancing, wind boarding, surfing, volleyball and more!

Preserve Your Memories:

Take lots of pictures
Capture your memories with photos of the unique surroundings. Purchase a disposable underwater camera for great shots of the marine wildlife.

Stay connected
You will meet many new people from around the globe while on vacation. With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to stay connected with them after your trip has ended.

Think outside the box when purchasing souvenirs. The shops around your resort are all trying to sell you the same t-shirts or key chains. Venture off the beaten path to find some local art and take home something that truly encompasses the vibe of the Caribbean.

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caribbean discounts