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Have you ever lived the lyrics of your favorite song? That’s what the past week was like for this salty soul. Jumping on a fast plane to the spice island of Grenada, then climbing aboard a tall ship that has it’s course set for the Grenadine islands. I’m not sure how many pinch me moments happened, they became as common place as the trades blowing over my bald head.

I can’t wait to start digging into the stories, photos and videos from the trip. I’ll start by giving you a look at our sailing itinerary board the Diamant. We visited quite a few islands. The days, the beaches and the lush green hill sides seem to blend together, but not so much so that I’d ever forget the personalities and the people I met on them.

Day 1

Sunday was a travel and boarding day at Port Louis, Grenada. I boarded the Diamant around 10:30pm and enjoyed a nightcap rum drink with my new friend Blaise. I can’t wait to tell you more about him, this gentleman of 82 years was a wealth of knowledge and had stories that could rival that of any explorer.

Day 2


Left Grenada before sunrise and headed north to Carriacou to check out of Grenadian waters. Spent some time on a picture perfect beach that we had completely to ourselves. Left the beach for “Swizzle Time” (rum cocktails), and sailed up to Chatham Bay on Union Island to anchor for the night.

Day 3

Admiralty Harbor

Admiralty Bay - Port Elizabeth, Bequia

Pulled anchor around 4:30am for a long sail north to beautiful Bequia. Spent the day touring the island, exploring the town of Port Elizabeth and sinking into the sands of Princess Margaret Beach.

Day 4

Tobago Cays

Tobago Cays, Grenadines

Early sail to Tobago Cays, one of the most beautiful little cluster of islands in the Caribbean. Spent the day liming on Petit Bateau, hiking and sea turtle snorkeling on Baradol. Sailed to the island of Mayreau to anchor in Saline Bay for the night. Took part in the Cultural Crawl on Mayreau.

Day 5

Mayreau Grenadines

Mayreau, Grenadines

Spent the day exploring Mayreau and enjoying post card perfect Salt Whistle Bay.

Day 6

Union Island Clifton

Clifton, Union Island

Early sail to Union Island. Had amazing rum drinks and lots of smiles at Happy Island and then explored the quaint town of Clifton. Sailed to Carriacou to anchor for the night.

Day 7

Sandy Cay

Sandy Cay

Checked back into Grenadian waters and spent the day liming on Sandy Cay, a sliver of pink sand, blue water and lush fona. Sailed south back along the lee coast of Grenada and docked in Port Louis. Had a great captains dinner. Meet up with our friends Mike and Rebecca from Zero to Cruising and hit a couple Grenada hot spots.

That was the cliff notes version of daily events. I will of course be diving into the happens of each day, telling you about the great group of other passengers, and the stellar captain and crew that made the trip aboard the Diamant such a grand and sublime experience. An experience that could inspire anyone to write magical lyrics and create their own salty song.


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