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If you’re stuck in a Midwest snowdrift or freezing your ass off in the gloomy North, then I’m sure you’re thinking it might be time for a change. 24 years was long enough for this pirate. I pointed my old Thunderbird South and set sail for sunny Florida. It was time for a change indeed.

Jake Thomas, a trop-rocker in the group Jaked and the Half Conched Band, sent me his CD, “Salt in My Veins” about a year ago. The album is full of songs about gin clear water, wet money, Mexican senoritas and escaping the grind. It’s a breath of fresh salty air and the relaxing lyrics will have you island dreaming in no time, especially if you’re zip code reads frozen tundra.

I’m friends with Jake on Facebook and happened to see him complaining that he was 7 hours from the closest beach. A problem no doubt. I suggested he join me in Key West in a couple weeks for a little “Island Research”. Seeing him pop up on Facebook made me revisit his “Salt In My Veins” album, and after soaking in a few tunes I knew I had to share one of the songs with you Castaways today. “Time For A Change” is the perfect song for this time of year and I hope it has you pondering a change in geography.

Time For A Change – Jake and the Half Conched Band

Catchy little song isn’t it? If you’re inspired to head South then maybe the Castaway Winter Beach Bash on St. Thomas is just the medicine you need. If you just want to chill to the sounds of Jake and the Half Conched Band then you can down load the song “Time For A Change” and their album “Salt In My Veins” below.

Did Buffett inspire this entire genre of Trop-Rock or did it exist before him?

Time For A Change – Time For A Change - Salt in My Veins

Salt In My Veins Album – Salt in My Veins - Jake and The Half Conched Band


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