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She has gorgeous curves and when she moves you can tell she knows what she’s doing. Her body slides gently side to side and everyone who rides her cherishes every minute.

Heads out of the gutter people. The lady I’m speaking of is a majestic tall ship, the Diamant. This Island Windjammers vessel has class and comfort, at a relatively small size of 101ft., this schooner offers amenities that you can only find on much larger boats. I’m going to introduce you to this fine lady, giving you a photo tour of what it’s like to be aboard this mistress of the sea.

Diamant – French For Diamond


The Diamant was our home for a week, and what a week it was. Island hopping around the Grenadine Islands and Grenada, every second spent aboard was special and I think of the memories made often. When I say home I mean it. The crew and other passengers almost become like family. It’s a small ship with room for only 12 passengers, this intimate environment is different than anything you’re going to experience on larger vessels.

Diamant Cabin

My Cabin Aboard the Diamant

Cabins are double bunked and rather large considering the size of the boat. Each cabin has its own air conditioning which is a HUGE amenity.

Diamant Barhtroom

The Head

Each cabin has its own head and from what I’m told they are extremely large and have lots of features that other ships just don’t have.

Island Windjammers

The Diamant

Anchored off the shore of Anse La Roche on Carriacou. Looks like Troy and Aubrey are preparing to dinghy (tender) some people ashore.

Island Windjammers

A Caribbean Sunset

Island Windjammers Food

Wine & Cheese Party Aboard The Diamant

The food aboard the Diamant was out of this world. People love to eat well when on vacation, but being on a small ship like this you might not expect fine dining. Let me put that myth to sleep right now. It was amazing what our chef Philbert could produce from such a small kitchen. Passengers are served 3 meals a day plus Hors o’dourves during swizzle time.

Rum Swizzle Time

Swizzle Time

Swizzle Time is the happy hour aboard the Diamant. Every day around 4pm, we would all gather on the aft deck for a new rum concoction that Brandon would whip up. Swizzle Time put everyone in the perfect mood, stories would be shared, Buffett would be playing in the background and the sun would slowly fall from the sky. Probably my favorite part of each day.

Island Windjammers

Tendering In From The Diamant At The Tobago Cays

Island Windjammers

Foredeck Of The Diamant

The foredeck is where we would organize to hear Captain Matt talk about the day’s itinerary or do group activities like crab races. I’ll save the story about the crab racing for another time. It was a quarky good time and deserves it’s own story.

Island Windjammers

Liming Away The Day

Island Windjammers

Diamant Achored Off Carriacou and Sandy Cay

Island Windjammers

The Diamand Docked At Port Louis On Grenada

Island Windjammers

A Pretty Pretty Lady

This sailing trip around Grenada and through the islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines was an amazing adventure. Cruising on the big boats of Carnival and the Royal Caribbean just doesn’t give you a true Caribbean sailing experience. There’s nothing quite like turning off the motors and raising the canvas while Amazing Grace is playing over the loud speakers. This lady gives you a little taste of what real Caribbean sailing is all about. It’s just you, the rolling sea and the constant trade winds propelling you to the next island on the horizon. And like most ladies who tease, one can’t help but be tempted to experience the magic over and over again. I know I long to be teased by the Diamant again.


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