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The Grenadine Islands are volcanic in origin, they have lush green mountains and plenty of deep water anchorages. One island is special though, it wasn’t built by fire and brimstone, it was hand made out in the middle of the bay on Union Island. Welcome to Happy Island.

If you’ve been to the town of Clifton on Union Island and gazed out into the harbor you probably saw an little spit of land. That little spit is Happy Island. The happiest place in the Grenadines? It’s possible, when the rum drinks start flowing and RumShopRyan is the house, happy times are a certainty. Just ask the Bama Babes!

Happy Island

The story of Happy Island is a fascinating one. Created by one man, Janti, Happy Island started out as just a pile of conch shells (lambi) put out into a shallow area in Clifton Harbor. Over the years Janit continued to add conch shells and sand until he had a mound big enough to put up a small bar. People loved the idea and Janti continued to grow his island. During our visit Janti gave us a tour and it’s quite amazing to see what has been created. Happy Island has growing coconut palms, sand floors, dinghy landing areas, inside and outside sitting areas, working refrigerator and enough Caribbean rum to sauce even the most experienced of sailors. Pretty amazing what a little concrete, conch shells and some hard work can do.  Janti now lives on Happy Island, he has built living quarters and all electricity is created right on site.

Happy Island

History of Happy Island

Okay, so the man has created his own island, a pretty impressive accomplishment, but can he make a top notch rum punch? Yes, yes he can. The Diamant gang ordered a few rounds of Happy Island rum punch, sat outside and limed away the minutes. My only complaint, I wish I had more time there. Hmmm, maybe a move to Union Island would fix that problem. Totally could happen.

Happy Island

Janti mixing up some rum punch.

Happy Island

Janti and the Diamant Gang. Who's the fool pointing?

If you ever find you’re self vacationing or adrift in the Grenadine Islands, make your way to Clifton on Union Island. Dinghy up to Happy Island and tell Janti that Mr. RumShopRyan said this place was a must see. He won’t remember me, but I will make me feel special. In fact it’s not just a must see if you’re in the Grenadines, I would say that it’s a must see in all the Caribbean. Honestly, there’s nothing else like quite like it.

Happy Island

Have been to Happy Island? I would love to hear about your happy happy good time.


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