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Sandy Island Grenada

What is it about deserted islands that attracts us so much? Is it the untouched beauty? The escape from civilization? Maybe it’s the dream of being an explorer and claiming an island for yourself? How about all of the above. Sandy Island, just off the coast of Carriacou, is a place that can make any deserted island fantasy come true.

We sailed north on the Diamant to the island of Carriacou to check out of Grenadian waters. While doing so we anchored next to this little crescent shaped sliver of sand. At the time there were nearly a dozen other boats all anchored there with people tendering up to this little island. I remember thinking what a perfect little place to just hang out. The captain came back after checking us out of customs and we pulled anchor and headed north to the Grenadine Islands. Little did I know that we’d be back and able to set foot on this little paradise.

Sandy Island Grenada

We spent a glorious week sailing the Grenadines and now it was time to return to Grenada. We sailed back into Carriacou to check into customs and again anchored just off of Sandy Island. But this time would be different. Captain Matt gave us the low down on Sandy Island, how it’s now protected, was once almost destroyed by a hurricane and is now a tropical paradise. Oh, and that we will be going ashore!

Here is this week’s Island Lime Video, shot on the pinkish sand of Sandy Island.

This little island really was a deserted island paradise, it had soft pinkish sand, gin clear water and pretty good snorkeling. It was 99% perfect. Not 100%? Yeah…there was this little oddity of a naked boy walking around with his father. This was a little kid, not a baby, he was a 11-12 year old boy. No pants. No trunks. Naked. The boat they came in on was flying a French flag, so I guess that just about explains it.

Sandy Island Grenada

Sandy Island Grenada

Sandy Island Grenada

Anyways, we spent the good part of the day limin’ on Sandy Island with a cooler full of Ting and Carib. It was one of those days when the world felt perfect. If I would have been crushed by a falling space rock at that very moment, I would have been okay with it. At that point in time I couldn’t have been any happier.

Have you been to Sandy Island? Tell me about your trip!


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