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Music, it sets the tone for any occasion. It could be a day at the beach with friends, a road trip with the family or a slow dance with the one you hold dear. Music is the soundtrack to our lives.

I’ve written about this artist before, one of the legends of the Caribbean, but this video pretty much sums up what he and his energy is all about. Bankie Banx, from the island of Anguilla, has been singing his brand of folk reggae around the Caribbean and the world for more than 30 years.

Why am I writing about Banx again? I’ve received quite a few emails lately about island music and what songs would make a great Caribbean vacation playlist. Of coarse I’m going to say Buffett, Chesney, Mishka, Marley, Zac Brown, Boat Drunks…there’s a bunch. But if you want some real island sound you need to look at Bankie Banx. He’s been doing it for so long and has been doing it so right. Tons of articles have been written and countless minutes have been recorded of him and his band performing. What can I do to spread the word, I don’t know. All I know is he’s on my island mix and I want to share it with you.

Here’s a great video of Bankie Banx describing his music and why he does what he does.

Bankie puts on one of the biggest music festivals in the Caribbean. Moonsplash which happens has his beach bar, The Dunes Preserve takes place Thursday March 8, until Sunday March 11, 2012. This four day music festival draws some big names not just in reggae but from all genres. Here’s is some more information on Moonsplash.

If you don’t have Banx on your island/chill/reggae playlist yet here you go.

Still In Paradise – Bankie Banx

If you’ve had the chance to catch Bankie’s act at his bar on Anguilla I’d love to hear you’re story.


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