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Do you think the pirate days are over in the Caribbean? True, the tall ships no longer pounce on their prey from hidden island coves, but if you open up your imagination and dive into this book you’ll believe those days aren’t quite over yet.

Two years ago when I first started this Caribbean escapism blog, I was contacted by a gentleman named J.C. Perez. He lives in the southwest Florida area and took an early interest in the site. We exchanged email and even talked on the phone a few times. He told me he was an author and a native Cuban. I valued every time I got the chance to talk to him. He would tell me stories of Cuba, the Bahamas, drugs and the Florida Keys. As you can imagine I was fascinated and wanted to find out more about the under belly of the Caribbean. What, it’s not all rum runners, white sand and bikinis?

About 6 months or so ago J.C. sent me his new book, Heisting the Beard. It took me awhile to finally open it up, but once I did I was hooked like a mahi mahi. Heisting The Beard is a story that’s sprinkled with money, murder and a little bit of sex. Told through the eyes of the main character Kiki Logan, you’ll follow him through the Florida Keys, Havana Cuba and the Bahamas. The Beard, Cuba’s own Castro, has not only been stealing form the people of Cuba but from other Caribbean nations as well. Kiki has it in his mind to enact a little bit of revenge. Almost like a modern day Robin Hood, but does he survive and get away with it? Get the book to find out.

Here is the teaser from the back cover…

Kiki Logan is convinced by the well connected Banco to search for a large cache of treasure pulled from the depths of the Caribbean by the Cuban Government. On this perilous adventure, numerous characters join in, most notably David, Kiki’s connection in Cuba. Kiki and David try to locate the treasure in Cuba. They find a giant warehouse and upon raiding in, they discover cars, cocaine, and cash, as well as the infamous and elusive Golden Madonna statue. Will the treasure hunters be successful, or will the raid end, as many fear, in their deaths? And what will happen to the famous statue.

About The Author

J.C. Perez is a Cuban-American writer, born in Caibarien, Cuba in 1955. His great grandfather was a Cuban sugar baron, a Colono, who owned an immense sugar plantation in the middle of the island. Perez’s parents fled Caibarien for Havana in 1959 when Che Guevara’s troops hit Santa Clara. A product of the Peter Pan flights organized by the Catholic Church to get children out of the revolutionary turmoil, Perez ultimately grew up in suburban New Jersey, as what could best be described as a normal, middle-class American child. However, Perez spent many weekends in the hills of New Jersey playing war games. These weren’t the usual Boy Scout fare; they were sponsored by the CIA and were instrumental in what later became ine Bay of Pigs fiasco and many other insurgencies.

Arriving in Miami in 1977, Perez was at the center of a regional boom that was controlled by the Cubans. He became a significant player and in the process of traveling in order to meet his business obligations, he became familiar with the entire breadth of the Caribbean scene, from the Bahamas to Cartegena, and all the major players involved. Some of these people were reggae singers, some were drug lords, others business men.

Perez knew when to call it quits. He moved to the west coast of Florida and settled on a farm, cultivating his own garden and, to everyone’s surprise, he began to write.

Go get the book and let me know what you think. Its inspired me to take a deeper look into Cuba.


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