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Bolongo Bay Resort Voodoo Juice

After one sip, you’ll put a hex on your mother-in-law just to get one.

Wait for me! I tell my girlfriend Erin, who has already beat me to the bar and half consumed a VooDoo Juice.

We walk in the door of the Bolongo Bay Resort on St. Thomas and no sooner can we put our bags down, a cold rum punch is thrust into our hands. It disappears in less than 3 minutes. It was a long flight, what can I say. While the rum punch definitely hit the spot, my mind was on the drink that Bolongo Bay is known for, the VooDoo Juice.

We take our bags to the room and stare out the window to the neon blue Caribbean sea. Mesmerizing. But no rest for this pirate, I meet up with Colleen who is the Advertising/PR Manager, and also part of the owning family. We walk the grounds and she gives me the history of the resort as I snap photos and make mental notes. During the tour I lost track of my assistant/girlfriend, whom I’m guessing was either seduced by a beach side hammock or eaten by the large iguanas that roam the grounds.

The tour ends and I go in search of Erin and the other Castaways. I find them all, sitting comfortably on the beach with buckets in their hands. The joy found in these buckets is the infamous Bolongo Bay VooDoo Juice. A cocktail so sweat, so delicious, it will have you committing crimes just to get another taste.

Erin had wondered off and beat me to the bar and now teases me with her half empty bucket of fun. Isn’t the dude with the name RumShopRyan suppose to be the first to finish a bucket of VooDoo Juice! It wasn’t so in this case.

Want to make you’re own VooDoo Juice? Check out this video that Castaway BigKahuna and I shot at Iggies Beach Bar at Bolongo Bay. Good times and lots of rum!

VooDoo Juice Cocktail Recipe


  • 1oz. Cruzan Pineapple Rum
  • 1oz. Cruzan Banana Rum
  • 1oz. Cruzan Coconut Rum
  • 1oz. Cruzan Citrus Rum
  • 0.5oz. Cruzan Dark Rum
  • 3oz. Cranberry Juice
  • 3oz. Pineapple Juice

Mixing Instructions: Fill bucket (or really large glass) with ice and pour in the Pineapple, Banana, Coconut and Citrus Cruzan rums. Then add the Cranberry and Pinapple Juice and top with Cruzan Dark rum. Raise bucket and toast.

Great VooDoo Juice photo by my friend Old Mango.

VooDoo Juice

If you’ve had the pleasure of sitting on the beach at Bolongo Bay or cooling off at Iggies Beach Bar with a VooDoo Juice sitting in front of you, then I’d love to hear what you thought of the drink.

Cheers to Boat Drinks!


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