As you know rum flows through the Caribbean, and when you’re in the US Virgin Islands that rum is Cruzan. Want a taste?

Almost a week removed from the Castaway Winter Beach Bash at Bolongo Bay Resort on St. Thomas, I keep finding my mind wandering back. It was a great time and I have a lot of stories I want to share with you Castaways who couldn’t make it. One of those stories was the rum tasting they put on for us.


Rum tasting, on the beach, in the Caribbean, with a great group of people…sign me up. The sun was setting, coconut palms towered over us and bottles of Cruzan Rum sit on the table, unopened, taunting us. Luckily we didn’t have to take matters into our own hands, Lesley, the Cruzan Rum rep. was there to save the day.

Bolongo Bay Cruzan Rum

Rum on the beach.

Lesley told us about the history of Cruzan and how important it is to the economy of the USVI. You are actually encouraged to take bottles of Cruzan home with you, customs allows you to take extra bottle of any rum home as long as one of them is Cruzan. Cruzan is made on St. Croix, while we could actually see the island (40 miles to the south of St. Thomas) and were encouraged to visit the distillery by Lesley, our focus was concentrated on the bottles in front of us.

Bolongo Bay Rum Tasting

Lesley giving us the Cruzan low down.

Lesley cracked open the bottles and the rum tasting commenced. We tried Cruzan Strawberry, Vanilla, Coconut, Aged and Rum Cream. There might have been one more flavor, but I can’t remember. Haze of the rum.

I’m not really a fan of drinking straight flavored rums, but for the sake of the tasting I endured. To me the flavored rums are meant for mixing and that’s about it. I could maybe enjoy a small glass of the Cruzan Coconut, but that’s if I was out of dark rums. The flavored rums mix well and create “boat drink” magic with cocktails like the Bolongo Bay VooDoo Juice.

Cruzan Rum Tasting

My talented assistant pouring some rum.

I did enjoy trying the Cruzan Rum Cream for the first time. Almost tastes like chocolate milk, with a kick. I think a bottle of this stuff is needed for some boat drink research. Stay tuned.

After a few hours the rum tasting ended but the party continued. Our group of Castaways doubled in size as the evening turned into the early morning. A few of us closed down Iggies Beach Bar (2am) and then brought our own bottle of rum out to keep the fun alive. Jokes were told, friendships made and there might have even been some singing. I’ll save that little gem for another time.

Big thanks to Lesley and Bolongo Bay Resort for setting up the rum tasting for our group. You guys rock!

(Top photo by Old Mango)


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