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Bloody Mary’s and the salt air blowing over your face isn’t a bad way to start the day. A weekend full of highlights was capped off with the sweet sweet sound of Mishka playing his smooth style of reggae in Ybor City Tampa. Where do I start? With rum.

Slowing down just enough to let me jump in, Mike from and Shawn, now with Coastlines & Tan Lines, picked me up and we head north on I-75. Our destination, Osprey Florida, the residence for our buddy Carl, the other half of Coastlines & Tan Lines. Four rum heads hanging out for the weekend, a mid-summer hurricane wouldn’t have stopped this group from having a good time.

We arrive and within minutes a full on rum tasting commenced in the living room. Carl has a fine collection of island rums that we sipped on while swapping pirate stories. I couldn’t tell you how many we tried, quite a few by the groggy state we woke up in the next morning. The remedy, Bloody Marys on the beach.

We head down to the south end of Casey Key to let the ocean air breath life into our tired bodies. Pelicans were dive-bombing the fish, waves were thundering ashore and the Bloody Marys were lifting our spirits. It was a great start to a day that would have us bouncing up the coast towards Tampa. We bar hopped to Sharkys on Venice Beach, Casey Key Fish House, Mr. Beerys, Siesta Key Oyster Bar, Bahi Hut and then on to Tampa for the main event…Mishka.

I have a lot more to say abut the cool places we hit (especially Bahi Hut), but I’ll save those for future posts. Here are a few photos from the day.

Venice Beach Florida

Venice Beach Pier

Sharkys Venice

Sharky's, Venice Beach


Casey Key Fish House

Tiki Bar at Casey Key Fish House

Siesta Key Oyster Bar

Siesta Key Oyster Bar

We pulled in to Ybor City with anticipation and excitement. Mishka hit the stage and seduced the crowd with his unique brand of reggae. The concert took place at The Orpheum. It’s a cool place, a small intimate setting which was nice. Not quite as nice as Cable Beach on Nassau, the first place I Mishka, but still a great place to catch a concert.


Mishka played and the crowd soaked in the sounds. I think he played for about an hour and half and did one encore. I didn’t want the show to stop. We were shouting names of songs that he didn’t play, he gave us a smile and ran off stage. Just like all good performers, they leaving you wanting more.


Poor photo quality, but still a cool shot.

Were were able to meet Mishka after the show. He’s a very cool guy and signed a bunch of stuff for us. Mike invited him to come down and play in the Key West sometime, Mishka replied with a cool, “Yeah man, that would be cool.” Another beach setting maybe? One can only hope.


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