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Maho Bay USVI

What can I say about Maho Bay on St. John? Nothing that words can adequately describe. I’ll give it a shot though, then I’ll let the video take over.

Maho Bay is lush green hillsides towering behind you, free of homes that if there, would command million dollar views. It is gentle waves massaging your ankles as you’re feet sink into the soft white sand. It is sea, sky and land coming together complete perfection. It is heaven.

For a long time Maho Bay Beach has been my favorite beach of all the North shore beaches on St. John. During my last visit, I stepped on to the sands of Francis Bay for the first time. After pinching myself, I thought that I had just found the most beautiful spot on St. John. You honestly can’t go wrong with any beach on St. John, but Maho and Francis are tops on this pirate’s list.

Watch this video and you let me know if this is heaven. Don’t mind the jackass running in front of my shot at the 2:35 mark. Who wears black jeans on the beach in the Caribbean anyways?

Maho Bay, St. John USVI – Island Lime Videos

Here is some information about Maho Bay from

About Maho
Maho Bay was named after the Hibiscus Tilaceus orBeach Maho, a tree commonly found on the St. John shoreline and throughout the tropics. The beach Maho has a distinctive heart-shaped leaf and produces attractive yellow flowers that later turn purple. The small green fruit of the maho is not edible, but a bush tea can be made from the leaf.

Interestingly, Maho Bay, now a relatively narrow beach, was once one of the widest beaches in St. John. The “horse kids” of St. John took advantage of this characteristic, as well as the great length of the beach, to have horse races on the sand. The narrowing of the beach came as a result of the removal of sand by the government to construct Cruz Bay roads and the Julius Sprauve School. This was done at a time when the dynamics of sand production and sand loss were not yet understood.

Maho Bay St. John

Getting There
Maho Bay is located about 1.25 miles past Cinnamon Bay or 5.2 miles past Mongoose Junction going east on Route 20. Park off the side of the road.

There is a National Park pavilion on the extreme western portion of the beach. A permit must be obtained from the park in order to use this facility. This permit will also entitle you to use the bathrooms to the west of the pavilion, which are otherwise locked and not available to the general public. The park will explain the rules and conditions pertaining to the use of the pavilion. (Call the National Park at 776-6201.)

At the eastern part of the beach there is a trail, called the Goat Trail, which leads to the Maho Bay Campground at Little Maho Bay.

Maho Bay St. John

It’s a special place. If you find yourself on St. John, I highly recommend you spend some time at Maho Bay.


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