If it’s the weekend and you’re sitting around your St. Thomas hotel wondering what to do, just ask someone where Barefoot Davis is playing. You’re night just got filled up with a good time, sort of like that rum drink in your hand.

Barefoot Davis and his extremely talented band played one night at Iggies Beach Bar during the Castaway Winter Beach Bash. The Caribbean was just steps away, lights glittered off the waves, and the mood was set by the band’s originals songs and the flowing rum. Just another night in the islands.

Barefoot Davis led the way with songs like Party Nites and Palm Trees, Chicken Pickin Whiskey, Rum is the answer, and One Eyed Dan. They played a few covers as well, but the original stuff was the most entertaining. You could tell each member of the band was having a great time as they played off each other instrumentally. One thing I remember most was the older bald gentleman. Talent oozed from his body. He had the Iggies crowd on their feet with his guitar solos, then he would play the steel pans like a master. The guy was amazing.

Here are a couple videos of Barefoot Davis playing with Captain Bob aboard the catamaran Good Medicine at the St. Thomas Boat Show back in 2010.

Rum is the answer…what was the question?

Capt Bob and Barefoot Davis play Gypsy

Hanging out on the docks, listening to good music in the Caribbean, yeah I could get use to that. Let me know if you’ve had the chance to catch Barefoot Davis while on St. Thomas, would love to know what you thought.

Check out BarefootDavis.net to find the bands schedule, get the lates news and I think you can even download do some music.

Cheers to sweet sweet island music.

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