There’s something special about Trunk Bay, St. John. It gets in your soul from the first time you see it from that famous overlook on St. John’s north shore road. Then once your toes touch the soft want sand, it’s all over–you’re hooked.

Whether you’ve been there dozens of times or if this famous Caribbean beach is still on your MUST SEE list, the videos and photos below will give you a taste of Trunk Bay.

About Trunk Bay, St. John

Trunk Bay, she’s like the pretty girl in class, always getting all the attention. She’s the most photographed, the most photogenic, the most popular. Just because she’s the prettiest, doesn’t mean she’s the best, but you do have to give credit when credit is due.

Cruisers from St. Thomas line up for a chance to day trip it over to St. John and Trunk Bay. They ferry over, pile into cabs, enter the National Park and glide past the beautiful Hawksnest Bay. They stop for photos at the Trunk Bay scenic overlook and unload at their destination, the most famous beach in the USVI.

Trunk Bay is popular for many reasons; underwater snorkeling trail, concessions, life-guards, crystal clear water and soft white sand. I think that scenic overlook sells it though. That view is one of the best in all the Caribbean.

I’ve been to Trunk Bay nearly a dozen times. I’ve seen it in the morning, the middle of the day, in the afternoon, before Hurricanes Irma and Maria, and after the storms. It’s always beautiful, no matter the day or time.

Yes some people who travel to St. John often might skip it, saying that’s it’s too crowded with tourists, and head down the road to a different beach. But not matter how many times you’ve been to St. John, I think a stop a Trunk is deserved, even if it’s just to walk out on the sand and stare at the scene for a minute of two.

Trunk Bay, St. John Video


Where is Trunk Bay & How To Get There

It’s located about 2.5 miles from Cruz Bay on the North Shore Road (Rte 20). Here is a map were you can see it’s location on the island.

Trunk Bay St. John map

We typically rent a Jeep when on St. John, doing so really allows you to see everything you want to see with no schedule. That’s what island relaxation is all about right?

But if you are only going to be on St. John for a short time during a cruise ship stop, there are plenty of cabs and tour trucks waiting by the Cruz Bay ferry dock to talk you to Trunk Bay.

Tip: Two thirds of St. John is a National Park and Trunk Bay is part of the park. It’s the only beach on the island that has an admission fee. Fee is collected from 8am to 4pm at it is $5. It’s well worth it though!

Trunk Bay, St. John Photos

Trunk Bay Beach St. John

Trunk Bay St. John

Trunk Bay St. John USVI

Trunk Bay Snorkeling

There are great places to snorkel all over St. John, but a lot of people are drawn to Trunk Bay for it’s underwater snorkel trail. It’s great for beginners as the water is almost always calm and it educates you on the local marine life with the underwater plaques or signs.

Trunk Bay Beach St. John Virgin Islands

The trail runs along the west side (left) of Trunk Bay Cay (that’s the little island just off the beach). You’ll see some nice corals and fish as you snorkel from sign to sign. In the picture above you can see one snorkeler on the trail.

Know the reef does continues beyond the little island’s northern tip, but it’s not recommend you go out that far as you are out of view from the lifeguard and the water get more rough.

Oh, and always remember to use Reef-Safe Sunscreen. The other stuff really hurts the reefs with their chemicals.

Trunk Bay Facilities

The beach has plenty of amenities with snorkel equipment rentals, shower and bathroom facilities, picnic tables, lifeguards, and a small bar and food truck.

That’s a wrap on Trunk Bay! We hope it inspired you or brought back some great memories of this great US Virgin Islands beach.

If you planning a trip to the USVI, there are some other beaches and places to stay that will help you plan your trip.

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Trunk Bay St. John Photos

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