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After one sip, you’ll be sinking into the blue hole.

Belize, located on the Western side of the Caribbean and is home to the second largest reef on our blue marble. I have yet to venture to its tropical shores, but as the days tick my the pull grows stronger. With our buddy from Rum Connection just returning from Belize and another buddy Shawn leaving soon, it seems like the place to be. With a ultra laid-back vibe and some of the best diving in the Caribbean, how could it not be.

I’ve heard crazy stories of Belizean Viper Rum and something called Cashew Wine that will put hair on your chest. These might have been conjured up to entice crazy gringos, but hey, when in Rome right? Since today is about Boat Drinks and most of us don’t have Viper Rum laying around the house, we’ll do another drink from Belize…the Belize Rum Punch. Can’t go wrong with a good rum punch!

Belize Rum Punch Recipe

  • 2 shots light rum
  • 2 splashes grenadine syrup
  • 1 shot dark rum
  • top with pineapple juice
  • 1 shot orange liqueur
  • 1 shot sweet and sour mix
  • 1 shot cream of coconut

Mixing Instructions: Fill tall glass with ice. Add first 5 ingredients then top off with pineapple juice. Shake thoroughly. Add a dash or two of grenadine, stir gently. Raise glass and toast.

What’s the history of this cocktail? Why does it claim to be from Belize? Honestly, I have no idea! It’s a great combination of rum and mixers and tastes like paradise, so why not give it some love.

Let me know what you think when you mix yourself up a Belize Rum Punch.

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