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Good music can transform any mindset. Let’s say your in an office with a stack of files screaming at you to finish them. You want to bury your head in the sand, but instead you turn on iTunes and let the music ride. The sweet beats of reggae start to alter your mood and remind you of that Caribbean vacation you have booked a couple months from now. All the sudden that stack of files doesn’t seem so daunting. That’s the power of music.

Most of the time I flip between Radio Margaritaville and No Shoe Radio, each station playing songs that take your mind to sunny beaches and cold rum drinks. Last week I was listening to NSR and “Fruitful Days” by Big Mountain came on and did a little mood altering on me. This song is played fairly often on NSR but for some reason it caught my focus this time. I was like, “I need to write a post about this song and share it with the Castaways.” Well here it is.

I found two versions of it on YouTube. The first is a awesome acoustic version that I had never heard before, the second is the record version. Give them both a listen and let me know which one you like better.

Acoustic Version – Fruitful Days

Record Version – Fruitful Days

Fruitful Day Lyrics – Big Mountain

I ya man have come to know
The movement looks strong
From reading the scriptures
I know we ain’t wrong, no
Jah jah people work together
We help out one another
And we ain’t got no time to lose
Must teach the ignorant truth, so

More fruitful days
That is what the people need
More fruitful days, ah yeah

Can’t wait for promises of salvation
It’s time to free our people
With a promise of some dignity
Rise up and heal the situation
Hear you call, yeah, yeah
Rasta people must face our destiny

More fruitful days
That is what the people need
More fruitful days

Time to heal the hurtin’
More fruitful days
Seeking out the righteous

More fruitful days
Them a build their conspiracies
With no justice in sight
You just can’t keep fillin’ up the youth
With all those dirty lies
It’s about healin’ people
Healin’ the people
Healin’ the people

I tell ya straight
If we take the time
You know, we will see
That to tell the youth the truth
Is the only remedy

More fruitful days
That is what we’re fightin’ for
More fruitful days
Time to heal the people

More fruitful days
Seeking out the righteous
More fruitful days
It’s about healin’ people (repeat 7 times)
And mashing down oppression
And rights in this ya nation
And seeking out the righteous
And teachin’ right the children

Big Mountain History (Via Wikipedia)

Big Mountain evolved from the mid-1980s band Rainbow Warriors in San Diego, California, in 1991, the original line-up including Joaquin McWhinney “Quino” (vocals), Jerome Cruz (guitar), Gregory Blakney (drums), Lance Rhodes (drums), Manfred Reinke (keyboards), and Lynn Copeland (bass guitar).

[1][2] The band first reached the charts with the song “Touch My Light” in the late spring of 1993, receiving major airplay on mainstream radio stations, such as B-100 and Q-106 in San Diego. “Baby, I Love Your Way” was included on the soundtrack for the film, Reality Bites, and peaked at number six in the Billboard Hot 100

If you’d like to grab this song and other Big Mountain songs, you can download their “Best Of” CD here.
The Best of Big Mountain - Big Mountain


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