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Music keeps us sane.

You’re sitting in your office, crunching numbers, staring at reports and filling out paperwork. It’s important work, but the mind needs to release the tension throughout the day. Because you can’t drink rum all day while at work, music is a great release. I don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t able to listen to Radio Margaritaville or No Shoes Radio during the day. It soothes the soul.

Last week I was typing away on the keyboard and the song called “I’ve Got a Beach In My Backyard” by Brent Burns came on. It pops up on Radio Margaritaville every once and awhile and I caught myself singing along. After the song I noticed my energy level was up, projects got done faster and I had a strong urge to drink rum on the beach. Two of those things are very good for job performance. One, not so much.

Here is the Brent Burns song, I’ve Got A Beach In My Backyard.


Brent Burns is a well known Trop-Rocker and has been putting out songs for quite sometime. In 2011 Brent won Trop Rock Music Association
Entertainer of the Year and Songwriter of the Year. Not to shabby. It also looks like Brent will be playing at the Key West Songwriters Festival the first weekend in May. His other tour dates can be found here.

Here is the Bio information from his site,

Brent Burns was born in Oklahoma, raised in Arizona and arrived in Gulf Shores, Alabama in 1972. This son of the desert has become the poet laureate of the beach. In 2006, Burns was named “Official Music Ambassador of the Alabama Gulf Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau.” In 2008, Burns won three awards in the first ever Trop Rock Music Awards. Burns won “Entertainer of the Year,” “CD of the Year (for “Ragtops and Flip Flops”)” and a special WAVE award for his charitable work. 2010 brought more Trop Rock Music awards, CD and Song of the Year for “I’ve Got A Beach in My Backyard” and Songwriter of the Year.

Burns was all over the national scene with his songs and videos, “Pain At The Pump” and “Drill, Drill, Drill.” After the videos were posted on You Tube, CNN interviewed Burns and used “Pain At The Pump” in their special “4 Bucks! What’s Next? America’s Fuel Crisis.” When the BP oil spill struck his beloved Gulf Coast in April 2010, Burns took the oil giant to task with his song, “Drill, Drill, Drill.” The song and video were featured on CNN’s Headline News. Burns first tapped into the American public’s anger over rising fuel costs in response to the oil shortages of the 1970s and 80s. Burns wrote the hit song, “Cheaper Crude or No More Food.” The song sold 200,000 copies the day it was released and climbed the Billboard Charts after radio commentator Paul Harvey played it three times. It is the first and only song ever played in Harvey’s nearly 50 years of radio broadcasting.

Burns’ fame continued with appearances on Real People, The Mike Douglas Show, and Hee-Haw. Burns was featured on the front page of the Sunday New York Times Entertainment Section, as well as in articles appearing in the Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Arizona Republic, Newsweek, US Magazine, and Billboard Magazine. Besides his Top 40 hit, “Cheaper Crude or No More Food,” Burns has had five other nationally charted records.

A twice wounded, Purple Heart winning combat veteran, Burns also has the distinction of being the first American entertainer to perform for troops overseas after the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Burns’ musical career has taken him to Italy, Australia, Mexico and coast to coast in the US.

Burns’ philanthropic projects have continued throughout the years. A portion of his CD sales goes to charities including the American Cancer Society, Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, and Habitat for Humanity. Burns’ Habitat tribute song, “Build Them A House,” is available for free download on his web site,

Brent’s impressive CD sales and songwriting skills continue to make him a highly sought after artist and performer. His schedule includes over 200 dates a year at corporate events, concerts, festivals and clubs.


Lookin’ out my backyard I can almost see the ocean.
It’s only about a thousand miles south of here.
When I close my eyes I can smell suntan lotion.
Wish I could afford to go back again this year.
But I know a place where we can all go.
Where that loud flowered shirt will be apropos.
So put on your flip-flops, your favorite funny hat.
Escape with me to my paradise out back.

I’ve gotta beach in my backyard,
Plastic palm tree and a tiki bar.
Neon sign says “Landshark Beer”
Here in my pseudo-beach atmosphere.
May have a far north latitude,
A Margaritaville attitude.
Don’t cost much money, don’t have to go far.
Yeah, I gotta beach in my backyard.

Gotta basketful of coozies for all my friends who come.
BYOB, but not your troubles here.
TropRock music, sounds of a gentle steel drum
Then form a crazy congo line, don’t forget your beer.
Wahines in grass skirts, leis and coconut bras.
Sam’s ukulele hangin’ on the wall.
Phony portholes, hoist the skull and bones.
No boat, no dock, no trouble at my inland home.

I gotta beach in my backyard,
Plastic palm trees and a tiki bar.
Old Buffett tunes, the sound of a blender.
Guess you could call me a beach bum pretender.
May have a far North latitude.
A Margaritaville attitude.
Don’t need much money, don’t have to go far.
Yeah, I gotta beach in my backyard.

Una cerveza, habla espanol aqui.
Yeah, I gotta beach in my backyard.

Nothing like a little Trop-Rock to keep the day moving. If you’d like to download “I’ve Got a Beach In My Backyard” or any other Brent Burns songs you can find them on iTunes.


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