Barefoot Beach Bonita

Watch the video of Barefoot Beach below and I’ll show you the reason I left Kansas to live by the sea in Florida.

Bonita Springs, ever heard of it? Many haven’t. My town sits snugly between Naples and Fort Myers on the Southwest Florida coast. It’s small, has character and home to some beautiful beaches. One of those beaches is seductively named…Barefoot Beach.

Head West along Bonita Beach Rd. and take a left at the last light before you drive your car into the Gulf. You’ll run into a gate house for a high end neighborhood, just tell the guard you’re looking for the perfect beach and they’ll show you through, no questions asked. You’ll drive along a road paved in red bricks and pass by some homes that could pass as hotels. You’ll see street signs that say St. Lucia, Anguilla and Barbados. Soon the beachside mansions give way to a few condo buildings, that’s when you know your close. After a few hundred yards the condos disappear and the only thing blocking your view of the Gulf of Mexico is Seagrape trees and Cabbage Palms. You’ll come to the entrance of the park, pay the $8 fee, and you’ll have three parking areas to choose from. Drive slow because you don’t want to turn one of the resident Gopher Tortoises into a speed bump.

Once you park you’ll be just steps away from the gentle waves of the Gulf and a mile and half of unspoiled beach to call your own. There’s also a walking trail that winds its way though the Seagrapes and underbrush. It’s a nice hike, but why walk in the trees when you can walk on the beach and take in the serene beauty that you’ll see in this video below. Enjoy Island Limin’ on Barefoot Beach.

Barefoot Beach, Bonita Springs FL

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Here are a few photos from my morning on Barefoot Beach.

Barefoot Beach Sign

Barefoot Beach Turtles

Barefoot Beach Gopher Turtle

Wiggins Pass

Barefoot Beach RumShop

I’m in love with the Caribbean, but as you can see there’s plenty of mind blowing beach escape right here in the States. You just have to know where to look…and that’s why I’m here.

Cheers Castaways,

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