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Chris Rehm, A.K.A. Key West Chris–is a singer songwriter that’s been entertaining folks in South Florida since 1996. He has a diverse songwriting background and is a performer at the 2012 Key West Songwriters Festival.

Here’s a blurb from Chris’s website describing his love for the place he calls home…Key West.

In 2008, Chris moved to Key West, a place he’s always dreamed of living. His words say it best: “I appreciate all I’ve done and that has been awarded to me and I have no regrets whatsoever, about anything from the past.” He says with an easy smile. “However, I kind of wish I moved here years ago! I love this town and have no intentions of ever leaving!” Chris is a believer that there are certain geographic regions which stimulate the arts and creativity, more than others and Key West is one of them. “Here, sometimes the ideas come so quickly you can’t take them all in.” He may have something here. We know of a few writers over the years that felt the same way. Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams are two that come to mind. There really must be something in the air down there.

Watch as Chris performs his song “The Beach,” on the beach, at the Southern Most Hotel. Live music on the beach, it’s an atmosphere that’s hard to beat.

The Beach – Chris Rehm

If you’d like to see Chris at this year’s Key West Songwriters Festival, he will be performing with Misty Loggins at the Best Western Key Ambassador on Friday May 4th at high noon. I’ll be at this show, so if you spot me come say hi.

If you want to here more of Key West Chris, check out his album Shanghai’d and Marooned In Key West (Things Could Be Worse). The album has The Beach on it, along with songs like; Mile Zero, Cajun’s Got A Coconut, Beautiful Day Down Paradise Way, Sailing and others. All fun trop-rock songs that make great additions to your “Chill” playlist.

Shanghai'd and Marooned In Key West (Things Could Be Worse) - Key West Chris


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