Today I arrive in Key West via the speedy, boat drink serving, Key West Express. The island is packed with singer songwriters ready to play their songs on the beach, hotels and historic bars of Key West. Problem is there are way to may artists to see. So how do you choose? Many of the performers I’m not very familiar with, so choosing is almost like throwing darts with a blindfold on.

Here is a list of all of the performers. Can you give me some suggestions on what acts are a must see?

2012 Key West Songwriters Festival Performers

See what I mean, so many to see so little time. I’m definitely catching the Pirate Sessions guys on the Fury catamaran sail and want to join the fun with Howard Livingston at the Southernmost Beach Cafe on Thursday night. Other than than that I’m not really sure. Help me out and tell me who I should go see.

Thanks Castaways!


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